The Fall in Love Checklist by Sarah Ready


Release Date: 11.05.2020


What if you made a list of all the crazy things you’ve dreamed of doing, but have been too scared to try…and then did them? Every. Last. One.

Unassuming, nice-girl Dany has always done what other people expect. She keeps her dreams buried beneath boring cardigans and beige upholstery. Until the day she’s diagnosed with breast cancer, her fiancé dumps her, and she loses everything.

Now Dany is going to do the unexpected – survive and thrive.

She has a ten step checklist and a sexy new landlord determined to tag along.

Suddenly, Dany’s life goes from ordinary to wildly unexpected. But when everything turns upside down again, Dany has to decide, is number ten on her list the end or just the beginning?


I usually don't read stories about cancer because it is too real and scary but I'm glad I've started this book because The Fall In Love Checklist is a story about friendship, personal growth, self love and yes unfortunately about cancer too.

As soon as Dany wakes up after a double mastectomy she is dumped by her fiancé so she has to find a new place where to live and she meets Jack. Unfortunately it turns out that Dany still has cancer and has to do some chemo. So she begins a fight against the disease and a journey to find her real self but she won't be alone because she will have a diverse group of friends and Jack by her side.

I've really enjoyed this novel, I loved the characters especially the "survivor" ladies because they made me laugh for most of the story with their tales and their actions.
I liked Sarah Ready's writing, she kept my atention throughout the book but I felt the ending a little rushed.

I absolutely recommend to read this book.


“I’m adding to your list. Before I boost you out of here, I’m adding a number eleven.”

“I don’t want your pity kisses.”

“For crying out loud. I’m not going to kiss you. No kisses. No screwing. Satisfied?”

No, my heart cries. I nod. “Fine. Feel free. Number eleven.”

He takes a step forward. I take a step back.

He takes another step forward. I take another step back. I hit the dirt wall.

He bends down and grabs me behind the knees and my back. My stomach dips. He picks me up and cradles me in his arms. I’m pressed against his chest. I carefully loop my arms around his neck. My fingers brush the ends of his soft dark hair.

Maybe I did knock my head in the fall. I’m feeling dizzy. Like the world is tilting and everything is rearranging itself. As if suddenly, everything has been shaken up and flipped and now Jack and I are at the center. Of everything.

I shake my head to clear it. He pulls me closer and grins down at me. There’s the spark of a challenge in his eyes.

He’s going to kiss me. I just know it.

I tilt my chin up. My lips part a centimeter. They feel full and lush. I lick them. We’re breathing at the same time. His chest rises and so does mine. Will he catch my breath with his mouth?

His hand starts a slow caress along my spine. He drags his hand in a slow, teasing circle up and down my back. A liquid warmth flows over me.

He gathers me close. Lifts my face to his. Our eyes meet. His gray to my blue. I’m lost in them.

We’re posed there, in the dusty cellar, with a sunbeam dimly lighting the space. His skin looks like honey in the light. What if I licked it? I send my tongue over my lips again.

He lets out a low rumble. I feel the vibration deep in his chest. It spreads over me.

“What are you doing?” I ask.

“Number eleven,” he says.

“Number eleven?” I can’t remember what that means.

He blinks and his eyes clear. “Number eleven. Sweeping you off your feet.”


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