Never Fall for Your Fiancée by Virginia Heath



The trouble with lies is they have a tendency to catch a man out.

The last thing Hugh Standish, Earl of Fareham, wants is a wife.

But since the only way to keep his mother’s matchmaking ways at bay is the promise of

impending nuptials, Hugh takes the most logical action: he invents a fake fiancée.

It’s the perfect plan – until Hugh learns that his mother is on a ship bound for England to meet his ‘beloved’. He needs a solution fast, and when he collides with a mysterious beauty, he might just have found the answer to his prayers.

Minerva Merriwell is desperate for money to support her sisters, and although she knows that posing as the Earl’s fiancée might seem nonsensical, it’s just too good an offer to refuse.

As the Merriwells descend upon Hugh’s estate, the household is thrown into turmoil as everyone tries to keep their tangled stories straight. And with Hugh and Minerva’s romantic ruse turning into the real thing, is true love just one complication too many?


Virginia Heath wrote a Regency novel with a fake fiancée trope and I was sold even before to open it, but now that I've finished it I can affirm that the author good writing, the witty storyline and the nice characters make of Never Fall for Your Fiancée an enjoyable read.

Hugh Standish, Earl of Fareham, is in dire need of a fiancée to not let his mother find out he as lied to her for months. Minerva Merriwell is in dire need of money so when a gentleman helps her to get the money for a commissioned job from a man who refuses to pay her, and offers her to become his fake fiancée she accepts. Hugh can't believe how lucky he was to find the right woman during a walk. Fate made them meet but will they manage all the lies they said? Or will their ploy be exposed?

"Only a fool falls for a scoundrel."

Hugh and Minerva are disillusioned about love because their parents weren't the best example to follow, they feel betrayed by them for different reasons, however they find a way to make their relationship bloom, establishing a deeper connection between them.
I had so much fun reading all the lies Hugh made up, and how as the story go on the situation becomes more and more tangled.

Highly recommended!

Release Date: 11.09.2021


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