Like There's No Tomorrow by Linnea Valle

Release Date: 06.14.2018


When it comes to tomorrow…there are no guarantees.

Emma, Eddie, and Zach. Best Friends. They were inseparable.
 U n t i l  t h e y  w e r e n ’ t. 

The three had grown up together, thick as thieves, friends until the end… well, with a minor exception. Emma had been in love with Zach for as long as she could remember. But it was one-sided. 
U n t i l  i t  w a s n ’ t. 

Then life changed. Emma started her first year of college and Zach and Eddie signed up to serve their country together, heading off to war. Life wasn’t quite fair. Emma’s hopes for a life between her and Zach dwindled with the distance and the passage of time. But there was still hope. 
U n t i l  t h e r e  w a s n ’ t. 

The unthinkable happened. After all… there was a war. And the three became two. Zach and Emma were left broken, crushed into a million pieces.

Would they be able to help each other put the pieces of their lives back together or would the pain and loss be too much to overcome?


This was a heartbreaking,deeply emotional read.

Emma and Eddie are twins,they have an incredible connection.When they are still young they add to their duo Zach, a nice kid who almost instantly becomes family.Their journey is not easy,full of hardles and heartbreaks but the love for each other will help them surviving whatever life throws at them.

The characters seemed so real that I felt like I was right there with them.I turned the page as fast as I could to see how it all would end.

Linnea Valle delivered a great debut novel,packed of love,growth and redemption.
I highly recommend to read Like There's No Tomorrow and to keep some tissues at hands.


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