Scripted Reality by Karen Frances

Release Date: 03.28.2018


From the outside, Scottish actress Ella McGregor has the perfect life. A list of Hollywood blockbusters under her belt, wealth, a fancy house, flash cars, a great family, and a brilliant boyfriend, Donovan... until she learns he has betrayed her. In fact, Ella’s story could be the script of her next Hollywood blockbuster: Conned – a tale of trusting the wrong person. 

Connor Andrews, Donovan's best friend, has loved Ella since the day they first met five years ago. Too bad for him he didn't get there first, but with Donovan out of the picture, Connor wonders if he may finally have a shot with the woman of his dreams. 

With so much history between them, and heartbroken Ella's world ripped apart, can he make her see he's just what she needs? Will Ella let Connor help her to stand up and fight, or will she run and hide from the one person who she trusts the most? 


Scripted Reality was a very good read.

I've really enjoyed to follow Ella's journey from her bad relationship with her agent,through her shame for having been too trusting and naive,until her rediscovered self-worth.
Fortunately the beautiful actress Ella Mc McGregor has a lot of good friends and a very protective father and brother that will do anything to shelter,support and help her.

Karen Frances writing is easy to read,the engaging pace and the perfect flow kept my attention from the first chapter until the dreadful cliffhanger.
I'm so glad I could have started the sequel as soon as I've finished this one because I was so curious to know Ella's story ending.


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