Worth Fighting For by Susannah Turner

Release Date: 04.30.2018


Everyone loves Charlotte Ahearn. She’s friendly, funny, smart and kind – and she’s a brilliant baker – so why has she moved to a country town where nobody wants to know her? 

Dunbarton doesn’t seem to get that Charlotte is just there doing her job – convincing the town that the local silver mine should be allowed to expand. If only a certain local farmer called Nick MacLeod didn’t have to make that task so much harder – and personal. 

But will that same Nick MacLeod eventually remember that the pair met briefly ten years before, and back then there was no resentment or hostility, only a burning possibility of something special … something perfect?


Worth Fighting For was a good summer read,sweet,light hearted but it also tells a real problem,the drought that affect most of the little farm in Australia.

Charlotte and Nick journey has a rocky start.They have conflicting opinions about the expansion of Dunbarton's silver mine,the first represents the corporation and the latter the local farmers.Their chemistry and sexual tension will be enough to overcome their problems?

Susannah Turner words took me right in the middle of the bush beside the characters she perfectly depicted and characterized.
I love to read novels set up in Australia because it is a beautiful and fascinating country for an italian girl like me.
I will definitely follow this new author's career from now on.


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