Fast Break by Sierra Hill

Release Date: 03.04.2019


My life is a complete and utter disaster. One major screw up after another. I couldn’t hack college and couldn’t return home, so I escaped to Europe for the summer, where I ran into some trouble.

Now I’m stuck in Florence, Italy with no money, no place to stay and no means of getting home. 
Trouble finds me wherever I go. 

Thankfully, my older brother, Cade, hooked me up with his old teammate. Now I’m staying with Gavin Lancaster, professional basketball player and my knight-in-shining-armor. 

I never expected to make a fast break from reality and end up finding my home in him.


Fast Break was a nice, fast paced read.
It takes place in Italy,my beautiful country, and even if some of the italian sentences sound weird to me as an italian mother tongue I've still enjoyed to read this story. 

I liked Kady and Gavin journey,their personalities mix so well and their chemistry is really steamy.She is Cade's exuberant and feisty sister and he is an american basketball player who plays for an italian team.They meet in Florence because she is stranded there without passport and he lets her crash at his place for a while,doing a favor for her brother.
Will they have a good time together?What happens in Italy stays in Italy?Find out reading about this whirlwind relationship.


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