Best Man by Lila Monroe

Release Date: 03.11.2019


Arthur 'Fitz' Fitzwilliam is the hottest, most reckless playboy in town... and my new husband?! 

Believe me, I never dreamed that I'd be walking down the aisle to a quickie marriage with a total stranger, but thanks to my eccentric god-mother, an iron-clad will, and a blind, three-legged cat called Alfred (don't ask), I need to get hitched ASAP. And when the perfect candidate leaves me at the altar, there's only one person crazy - and drunk - enough to step up at the last minute. 

The best man. 

Also known as the man most likely to get caught romping with three Rockettes in the back of a Sex and the City tourbus. The man who could melt my panties at twenty paces - and make me want to pour a bucket of ice-water over his head. The man I just pledged to love and honor and... oh god, WHAT HAVE I DONE?!

Our arrangement was clear: keep up the charade long enough for me to claim my inheritance and send my slime-ball cousins packing. Our plan is working perfectly. 

Then Fitz decides to change the rules...


The Billionaire Bachelors series came to an end and this last book,Best Man,was one of my favourite.
Lila Monroe has produced yet another amazing novel,it's a pleasure to read her words,the flow and the plot kept me engaged throughout the story.

Becca and Fitz are a beautiful "fake" couple,she needs a fake husband in order to save the building where she lives from a greedy man,but one thing she hadn't counted on was that she might fall in love with him for real.

I wholeheartedly recommend you to read this story to find out how Becca and Fitz journey will end.Will they have their happily ever after?Or will they fulfil their contract and they go their separate ways? 


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