One Blissful Night by A.M. Hargrove

Release Date: 01.06.2020


How much are you willing to trust a liar?
“Promise you won’t break my heart, Brax.”

He promised. I believed.
Brax Kent was a liar.
He shattered every possible piece of me.
Several years passed before I got through an entire day without shedding a tear.
My existence was hollow, empty, bleak.
Hate was the only thing that pushed me through the day.
Seven years later, who turns up to be my next door neighbor?
The man I despise with every ounce of my being.
And now he wants me back.
With flowery words and sworn oaths full of apologies, he begs.
Can this man who ruined me be trusted?
Only his obstinance, persistence, and beautiful face weaken my resolve.
And I stupidly expose my heart as he wedges himself inside, bit by bit.
Surrendering completely may mean absolute love, or absolute destruction.
The choice is mine.
Cross the line in the sand, or stay in my safe zone. 


I've enjoyed reading One Blissful Night, an enemies to lovers and second chance at love novel.

I liked following Reynolds and Braxton's story. They were high school sweethearts but during a party before to go to college Braxton breaks Reynolds' heart. Now after seven years fate made them meet again and he is bent to make amends for all the hurt he provoked but is Reynolds ready to forgive and forget?
I loved the banter, the pranks and chemistry between the two main characters.

Thanks to the epilogue I can't wait to read A. M. Hargrove next story, I hope it will be released soon.


Hours passed and she finally stood. I did too and said, “Reynolds, I—”

Her hand flew out. “You don’t have the right to speak to me. You lost that right several hours ago. You don’t have the right to follow me, touch me, or call me. We are over.”

“I need to explain.”

“You must have a hearing problem. Your needs mean nothing to me.”

She walked away. I followed only because she was not getting away that easy. I would not give up on us. Never again.

I was on her tail and as she went to get into her car, she said, “I told you to leave me alone.”

“I know. I heard. But I refuse to do that. Not until you hear me out. I deserve that much from you.”

“You deserve nothing. You promised—”


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