Shutout by Jami Davenport

Release Date: 01.30.2020



Hockey isn't forever.

The money, excitement, and glory of being a professional hockey player meant more to me than a family, a home, and a forever. Another man has my forever, and I have hockey. I thought making the big bucks and playing against the best in the world would feel better than this. Instead I’m empty and hollow, like a big piece of my heart was hacked off. There's something missing. Something big. Something I can never get back.


I loved him, but he wasn’t the love of my life.

My husband died too young, too suddenly, too tragically. I was unprepared with no education, no job skills, and no future plans. When a DNA test reveals my twins' true parentage, I have no choice but to do the right thing. I turn to the one man who’d turned his back on me all those years ago.

I'd been shutout from his life, and I'd shut him out from mine. Can two strangers make a family? Do we have what it takes to forgive and move on?


Shutout is the first book in the new exciting spin off series of the Seattle Sockeyes hockey team.
The story is really good and the second chance at love is one of my favourite troupe, with the single parent,surprising paternity and hockey there is nothing I can't like and enjoy about it.

Caroline and Easton relationship is complicated. They met a few years earlier, there was a lot of passion and chemistry between them but they were too young for commitment and Easton has already the big dream to play in the NHL after college so he left her breaking her heart.
Now after years Caroline has to track down Easton to give him a shocking news.Will they find a new routine or will they be slave of their passion again?

I really like Jami Davenport stories so I can't wait to read the rest of this series.


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