Insatiable by Rhys Everly

Release Date: 05.10.2021


It was just a bet . . . until feelings got involved.

This job sucks but someone’s got to do it. My readers expect me to chronicle my very real, very steamy encounters in my novels. I’d never want to disappoint my fans, but the creative well has run a bit dry. Burlington, Vermont, seems like a good place to fill it up. This town offers a tempting array of artists, craftsmen, farmers, lumbersexuals . . . and so many beards.

But no one prepared me for Brody. He’s young. He’s hot. He’s definitely a grump. And he's getting under my skin. Where I want him is under my bed sheets.

When my friend bets I’ll never be able to get Brody there, I make winning my mission. Turns out being with Brody is more than a plot device. He’s so very wrong for my life . . . but is he right for my heart?


Insatiable was a very good read for me, I didn't expect to like it so much but the characters and wording was catching and I got really involved into the story.

Logan Graves is an english erotic writer who decided to go to Vermont to find the inspiration for his next book. Brody Mercier produces a very good maple wine but he isn't the best at advertasing it.
They see each other for the first time at Vino and Veritas while Brody is promoting his maple wine with little success but he catches Logan's eyes who decides to get close to him and to help with his business too in order to make him his next muse. Will they start to get some feelings working every day side by side?

At the beginning I didn't like either of the main characters, Logan was too cocky and Brody was too lonely and angry but then chapter after chapter you can see how they have a positive influence on one another becoming two new brand new persons that conquered my heart and I hoped they get their happily ever after. I miss them already.

I hope people will give this book a chance, they won't regret it.


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