Tiaras & Teacups by Melissa McClone


Release Date: 05.02.2021


Sometimes the sweetest beginnings come from bitter endings…

Juliet Monroe’s comfortable world has been turned upside down. She’s struggling to leave her trophy wife identity behind and make ends meet as a full-time event planner. When her handsome new neighbor needs to throw the perfect birthday party for his niece, Juliet offers her services. If she pulls this off, maybe she can get her life back on track. But to do so, she’ll need the help of the Cupcake Posse. Too bad her friends are grappling with problems of their own:

Missy’s recovering from injuries; Nell’s trying to thwart her mother’s matchmaking efforts; Selena’s husband wants her to work less when she needs to do more; and Bria’s facing obstacles she never anticipated trying to save her late aunt’s bakery.

Join the Cupcake Posse as they work together to navigate the difficulties of life, loss, and love. They continue to rely on each other, never losing sight of the importance of friendship and family, but will that be enough to save the Berry Lake Cupcake Shop?


I'm loving this series, I was so happy to go back to Berry Lake.

In the first book our main characters just rediscovered their friendship after 15 years, now in Tiaras & Teacups we get another glimps into these women's lives and the deep feelings that bond them together.

Juliet part of the story is my favourite, her character drew me in from the beginning and seeing her grow stronger chapter after chapter pulled at my heartstrings, making me shed some tears and also smiling.

Melissa McClone created a nice world, where these women support each other and they are always ready to lend a hand. It was such a pleasure to follow their journey, these books just get better and better you don't want to miss them.

I recommend to read Cupcakes & Crumbs before this because it is a follow up of the first story and we see again all the characters from that book.

There is a new cliffhanger at the end that made me so curious I can't wait to get next book.


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