Touchstone by Karen Stivali


Release Date: 06.29.2021


Sam doesn't think love is in the cards. The cards disagree.

When Phoebe Stevens' life implodes in a spectacularly public fashion, she's desperate to escape Manhattan. So the offer of a job setting up a new Vermont gastropub couldn’t come at a better time. Driving a U-Haul on winding mountain roads is Phoebe's personal version of hell. But when the caretaker of her guesthouse answers the door tousled, shirtless, and baking cinnamon rolls, her first impression of Vermont dramatically improves.

Sam Trembley believes everyone gets one true love, but he’s already blown his chance. He's spent five years avoiding relationships. Now he’s back in Colebury where sunrise tarot draws and moonlit hikes soothe his soul. But why do the tarot cards keep showing him this nonsense about soulmates? Could it have anything to do with the jaded city girl on his doorstep?

Playing tour guide is fun, but taste-testing her culinary creations as she shimmies her luscious hips around his kitchen is downright irresistible. Soon their chemistry burns hotter than the pub's wood-fired oven.

Has fate brought them together for a summer of love...or a lifetime of happiness?

Touchstone contains craving-inducing menu planning, a sassy white witch grandma, seismic sexy times, and tarot cards on a mission to prove soulmates are real.


I loved this book, it brought me back to my old tarot reader fascination and soul searcher habits.

Phoebe needs to go away from New York where she became popular in the worst way after a bad break up, fortunately at the same time she gets the work offer to create the menu for the Speakeasy gastro pub. So she gets on a car and she goes to Vermont. Here she meets her new landlord, Sam. They feel an instant connection and a strong phisycal chemistry, but will they find the courage to trust each other with their scarred hearts? Or will they be to scared to explore their feelings?

Phoebe and Sam's relationship is cute and funny and tasty. They are so nice and perfect together,they deserve to be happy.

The author found the right words to convey Sam's layback personality and Phoebe's over productive one, she perfectly mixed them, showing an amazing relationship.

Everything seems magical in this story, but you know Love will always be the most powerful magic.


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