Blind Pass by Monty Jay


Release Date: 02.25.2021


Emerson Greene

Being the life of the party had always been easy until one fatal night five years ago sent him into a spiral of self-destruction.
A night that cost him, not only his best friend, but also the only woman he's ever loved.
The bad boy of the NHL is trying to outskate the ghosts of his past.
Searching for redemption by clinging to his sobriety and fighting for his spot on the Fury. He never expected that same, brown-eyed girl to walk back into his life with secrets of her own.

Sofia Morgan
She was not the kind of girl tragic things happened to.
She had plans.
She had goals.
She had dreams.
But that was before everything changed.
Now, she is navigating through the card's life dealt to her.
Raised by strong Hispanic women she has no choice, but to suck it up and brave whatever storm comes next.

Except Emerson Greene is not a storm. He is a crash course in trouble.
Could life be giving him a second chance at his happily ever after?
Or is their past too much for their future to handle?


Blind Pass is an emotional, angst, sweet read that made me cry a lot. I swear in the end they were tears of joy.

Emerson Greene, is a hockey player who made some bad choices in his life that cost him too much. He is addicted to the high of booze, women and drugs in order to mute his conscience. After yet another bad decision that put to risk his twin sister he decided to change for her and his friends. Now after a year without touching alcohol and drugs, he is still looking for his place in the world but fate put on his path Sofia Morgan and her child, Ezekiel. Sofia and Emerson were friends at the college until his best friend, Sofia's boyfriend, died in a car accident but maybe this is the right time to reconnect.

The reality of these characters is not easy, often life tests people who react differently, and Emerson and Sofia have definitely lived and reacted in different ways to the grief. I was so happy to see Em growing in a beautiful man who succeed to forgive himself and to begin to live his life in the best way he can.

I loved to follow their journey, the way they reconnect, the slow pace is perfect to make the story more real.

Monty Jay wrote another great story that tugged at my heartstrings but it also gave me hope.

I loved to see the children in the epilogue and I hope to get their stories next because they are so funny and lovely.


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