Favourite Hello. Hardest Goodbye. by E.S. Carter

Release Date: 04.17.2020


Favourite Hello. Hardest Goodbye
I feel him.
Before I even lay eyes on him, I sense him.
The air in the room seems charged, my awareness of him heightened, but he is a stranger to me.
Unfamiliar, yet familiar.
Unknown, yet known.
And something inside me says, “Hello, I’ve been waiting for you.”
I see him.
I've seen him a hundred times before and I know this will not be the last, but each time I do, I feel it.
That invisible tether.
I remember everything.
I remember him.
His eyes lock with mine and then move away too quickly.
I am nothing more than a stranger, another face in the crowd.
While he is my favourite hello, and my hardest goodbye.


I trust E.S. Carter’s writing so much that I usually go into her books blind.
I didn’t need to read the blurb to know that Favourite Hello. Hardest Goodbye. would have been a good novel but, still, I was struck by its beauty.

Macsen and Ellis came from two opposite worlds, a businessman from the big city the first and the owner and chef of the local pub in the little town of Lily Bay the latter, but it took just a look at each other to understand they were perfect together. They were the missing pieces they were looking for in order to be happy and live their lives at the fullest.

This was a brilliant, powerful romance with a beautiful message. Even if I shed a bucket of tears and I felt my heart breaks more times than not, I can guarantee you it’s all worth it. Go get it right now and got carried away by Macs and Ellis magic journey.


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