Last Name by Dr. Rebecca Sharp

Release Date: 06.25.2020


What happens in Vegas…
A regret-free girls’ weekend was supposed to help Carrie Bishop forget about her last relationship and cross-country move. Because when you’ve lost everything, letting loose is easy.

James Arden knew the stakes in Vegas were high, but saving a beautiful blonde at a Blackjack table wasn’t the kind of risk he thought he’d be taking.

Unfortunately, there’s only one recipe for Vegas. One part instant connection. Two parts too much alcohol. A splash of scavenger-hunt serendipity. Shake and enjoy.

Until Carrie wakes to a ring on her finger and a marriage certificate tying her to the illegible signature of a man who’s gone.

It was supposed to be just one night, but now she doesn’t even know her last name.

Coming home married was bad, but walking into work the next day was worse. Carrie’s mistake didn’t stay in Vegas, and her mystery husband is no longer a mystery: he’s her new boss.

James knows what they have is special, and he’ll do anything to prove it. And as their undeniable attraction ups the ante, Carrie hopes she can get back her name without losing her heart in the process.


Carrie works at an hotel on the Lake Tahoe, but she risks to lose her job now that the hotel was sold. She accepts to follow some collegues to Las Vegas to forget her problems. James is the CEO of his family company that acquires hotels in trouble.
They meet at the Bellagio and they like each other on the spot, James helps Carrie with her scavenger hunt and they end the beautiful night in her room after they swung by a wedding chaple. Unfortunately next morning Carrie wakes up alone in her bed but thanks to a signed marriage paper she realises she is married now to a man who left her without saying any words. When Carrie goes back to work she finds out that her husband is her new boss now.

“Life is like business,” he replied. “You constantly have to make sure the people in it are a benefit rather than a drag...and sometimes, you have to cut the excess weight.”

I have heard some good things about Dr. Rebecca Sharp previous novels so I decided to start Last Name as soon as it was available and I have devoured it in a few hours.
I have really enjoyed this easy, quick and enterteining story.


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