One Click Love by T. Gephart

Release Date: 06.05.2020


What’s the worst present you can get for your 45th birthday? An online dating profile you didn’t want. And Mack was all set to delete it, until a message from Hayden lands in his inbox.

Hayden decided the best way to celebrate ending a long, loveless marriage was to have a one-night stand. Pity she didn’t count on a sexy, fire chief foiling her plans.

Neither of them wanted a relationship, such a shame fate didn’t get the memo.


From my 5 stars rating you can easily understand I loved this novel and I highly recommend it.
I read a lot of different romances sub genres, from young adult to contemporary, but I have to admit that when characters are near my age is easier to relate to them.

One Click Love is a story about two divorced in their fourties who found each other on a dating app.
Hayden is an employee at Target, Mack is a firefighter, they think they don't have any time nor desire to fall in love after the failure of their previous marriages but who knows what the fates have in store for them. Will they have a one night stand and lose sight of each other or will they have a well deserved happily ever after?

T. Gephart has written some swoony characters but they also have flaws and insecurities that make them more real and I immediately felt the empathy for them.

I wish I would have found Mack before Hayden did but unfortunately in real life I have only met frogs on dating apps and not princes.


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