Ice Hearts by Monty Jay


Release Date: 09.24.2020


Behind every heartless woman is a little girl who trusted the world with her love to have it chew her up and spit her out.

No one knows that better than Aurelia Riggs.

Silver tongue matched with a golden appearance.

She is the notorious ice queen.

To protect her heart she has a set of rules.

No sleeping over.

No second dates.

No falling in love.

Someone should have really warned Nico of them, but honestly, would he have listened?

Nico ‘Southie’ Jett is the best forward in the league. Leading in points, shredding the ice, his control is unmatched.

After an earth-shattering loss, and one slip up hits the press, his spot on the Fury is in danger.

Nico needs someone to fix his image and quick, who else better than Chicago’s most exceptional PR agent?

The only problem is she avoids him like the plague.

Nico is determined to get underneath her skin in all the right ways.

He has Aurelia Riggs all to himself. She can’t run from him anymore.

The game is on, and he’s ready to melt Aurelia’s Ice Heart.

**Ice Hearts is a standalone novel in the Fury Series and deals with sensitive subjects some may find triggering.


I loved this story.
Monty Jay has found in me a fan for life, she writes some excellent sports romance and even if Ice Hearts is really different from her debut novel, Love & Hockey, it is as much beautiful and enthralling as the other.

Nico, is the best guy of his entire hockey team, but after a terrible loss he has lost his mind and punched a reporter. Riggs is the agent hired to clean up his public image.
They already knew each other because their best friends are in a serious relationship, they are attracted to each other but Riggs try to keep him at a distance because she doesn't want to dirty his beautiful soul and happy go lucky life with her dark baggage.
Will Nico get a chance to destroy all her emotional walls and to make her understand how beautiful she is on the inside and on the outside? Will Riggs learn to love herself and to trust Nico letting him inside her heart?

“Tempt, you never did seem like a roses kind of girl. Wherever they go sunflowers bring their own shine. You do too. - xx Nico.”

These two characters grew on me chapter after chapter and I'll keep them in my heart forever.

I recommend to read this whole series even if every story is a standalone with connected characters because it is amazing.


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