Not Just Friends by T. Gephart


Release Date: 09.25.2020


A little harmless flirting never hurt anyone.

Jared Leighton

Presley, I screwed up, I’m sorry. You were vulnerable and I was supposed to be the good guy. Last thing I ever wanted to do was betray your trust, or worse, hurt you. I should never have even kissed you, let alone . . . yeah, well we both know how that ended. You’re my best friend’s sister for Christ’s sake, what was I even thinking? Clearly, I wasn’t. I’m so mad at myself, I want to break my own legs, save Tibbs the trouble. So yeah, I know this isn’t much of an apology, but I needed to make sure you’re okay. Let me know things are still cool between us or at least, what I can do to make it up to you. And it’s probably for the best if we keep this between just us. I swear on my mother, I’ll never touch you again.


Presley Tibbs

Leighton, not sure who you thought you were with last night, but it wasn’t some vulnerable little girl who needs protecting. I assumed that was pretty clear when I took you to MY bed. Don’t pretend that last night wasn’t exactly what we both wanted. We’ve been flirting with each other for years, and I finally got tired of playing games. As for my brother, he doesn’t and will never have a say in who I invite into my life or body—not his business. But if you’re scared that’s your hang up not mine. So save your apology, and your good intentions, and don’t treat me like I’m a woman who didn’t know what she was doing. Oh, and tell your mother I said hi.


Not Just Friends was such a nice and enjoyable story. I've read it in one sitting because I was so curious I couldn't put it down.

Jared, a firefighter, and Presley, a club manager, are friends, they know each other for years but only recently they spent a scorching hot night together that will change their relationship.

They keep that night a secret because Presley is Tibbs' little sister and Jared can't risk to lose his best friend and collegue.

Now that Presley is in danger, her ex boyfriend is threating her life, will Jared keep her safe?

I absolutely loved these characters, especially Presley. I admired her stregth and independence, she doesn't let anyone to mistreat her. Their dynamics as friends first and as something more later are interesting and exciting.

T. Gephart's storytelling is so good I always look forward to her next release. I can't stress it enough to read this novel and the previous ones too.


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