A Waltz with the Outspoken Governess by Catherine Tinley


Release Date: 01.01.2021


A quiet governess…

An unruly heart

Sir Nicholas Denny is desperate to find a governess to care for his boisterous nieces and nephews. Demure vicar’s daughter Mary Smith seems ideal—at first. All too soon Nicholas discovers a different side…a beautiful, vivacious woman, even if she infuriates him with her strong opinions! When he waltzes with Mary at a party, he knows he’s in trouble—the spark between them is so tempting, but she challenges everything he thought he wanted in a wife!


Miss Mary Smith has to find a job when she finds out her father was brought to the gaol and her school turns her away. By a stroke of luck she finds a job as Governess for Sir Nicholas Denny at Stiffkey Hall near the prison where his father was kept. She tries to be the best governess, to keep her thoughts for herself in order to keep her job but at times it's difficult to do and her real personality shows.
Sir Nicholas loves his quiet life in country with the company of his secretary and books. When his sister and her offsprings announce their coming for a few months he decides to keep her busy planning some social events and he hires some more needed employees.
Nicholas is intrigued by the new Governess, she is beautiful and has a good mind but he tries to refrain his instict to pursue her because she is his employee and he is a baronet.
Will a relationship between them completely exclided? Will Mary be able to keep her job and to save his father from prison?

This is my first book by the Catherine Tinley and I really enjoyed it, there is a good flow throughout the book that held my attention, the characters are well depicted with unique traits at time a little shocking.

Needless to say my favourite character is Mary, she is witty, outspoken and unapologetic to be herself, it is hard to not root for her.


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