Deadly Whispers in Lower Dimblebrook by Julie Butterfield


Release Date: 10.30.2020


When Isabelle Darby moves to the delightfully cosy village of Lower Dimblebrook, she’s searching for peace and quiet as well as a chance to escape from heartbreak.

After making friends with Fiona Lambourne, another newcomer to the village, Issie is left reeling when tragedy strikes and Fiona is murdered, the second wife Anthony Lambourne has lost in unfortunate circumstances. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the local gossips insist that Fiona had been embroiled in an affair before her death, something which Issie knows not to be the case.

Determined to clear her friend's reputation and solve the mystery of the rumours, Issie takes on both the gossips and the handsome but stern DI Wainwright, making both friends and enemies along the way!


Issie just transferred from Bristol to Lower Dimblebrook village, she became easily friend of Fiona Lambourne a slightly newcomer like her after she married a local man. They make a great duo and they feel really lucky to have found each other until the day Fiona was found dead and Issie feel isolated, like nobody gets her.

The police investigation brings up a possible affair between Fiona and a mysterious man that Detective Dave Wainwright thinks could have murdered the young woman, but Issie doesn't believe this piece of village gossip so she tries to clear her friend's name. Will Issie succeed in her aim without antagonize the detective and jeopardizing the investigation?

This was the first cozy mystery by Julie Butterfield I've read and I've found it nice and easy to read.

Chapter after chapter it was clear to me who the culprit was but I've still enjoyed of the little village life, all its inhabitants, the lively descriptions of the countryside. I adored the little love hints that the author put here and there, I so hope to read more about these characters.

I recommend to read this novel in a winter weekend, it will transport you to a Summer time full of colours and scents.


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