Faking It by Portia MacIntosh


Release Date: 01.26.2021


The perfect house, the perfect husband and the perfect life... or is she just faking it?

Life has been a bit of a rollercoaster for Ella. Growing up as the 'less successful' identical twin to her 'perfectly successful' sister, Emma, has left her feeling isolated, inadequate and let's face it.. a little bitter.

When Emma unexpectedly reaches out to Ella in a time of need, Ella suddenly finds herself with the opportunity to fill in for her sister and experience how the other half live.

But as Ella navigates the world of gossiping mothers, rebellious teens and trying to play the model housewife (not to mention avoiding the temptation of attractive men at the school gates...) will she discover that all is not always as it seems on the other side?


Ella is a young woman who is still trying to find her groove in this life. She has just lose her latest job and her apartment after a fire broke out in her living room when she gets a phone call from her grounded twin sister, Emma, who asks her to take her place for a few weeks. So Ella without anything to lose accepts and try to live her sister's life at the best she can, even if she soon finds out how hard it is to care about a teen girl, a kid and an husband without any experience. Will Ella keep her true identity a secret? Or will Emma regret to have asked her for a favour?

Faking it is another success for me.
I love Portia MacIntosh writing I read her books too quickly because she conquers me with her witty, funny wording and her characters from the first to the last chapter.

I adored that Emma has my age, she is so relatable for a woman like me who still doesn't have planned her life and she is trying to find her place in the World, plus we share the same memories of old gold times.

I highly recommend to read this novel because it not only is hilarious to see the vicissitudes of our main character, it also is thought provoking.


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