A Summer of Surprises by Rosie Green


Release Date: 06.30.2021


When Ruby Watkiss lands a job at the True Loaf Bakery, she feels as if the sun has finally come out. Having been through a traumatic time, it’s a joy to be working for Ellie, and now all Ruby wants is to lead a quiet life and support her mum in getting the help she needs.
But life, it seems, has other plans for Ruby.

Working alongside the bafflingly rude Hudson Holmes would be bad enough – but then odd things start happening. It seems that someone is out to sabotage the café and bakery, and to her horror, Ruby finds the finger pointing at her.

Desperate to prove her innocence, she teams up with the most unlikely person in order to get to the bottom of what’s going on. Tailing suspects and hiding in bushes isn’t something she ever imagined she’d be doing, although her partner in mystery-solving seems the perfect man for the job. Can they clear Ruby’s name by discovering the real culprit?

With all the drama afoot, at least there’s no time for romance. Because that’s the very last thing on Ruby’s mind these days. Or is it…?


Every book that Rosie Green writes is a beautiful surprise, always unique, sweet, heartwarming and she also skillfully added a mystery to solve.

I loved to follow Ruby and Hudson around while she tries to find the real culprit of the mischief against the Little Duck Pond Cafe that got her fired.
They are a dynamic couple, she is impetuous and more than once she got herself in some funny situations, he is more rational and he is ready to save our heroine. I've enjoyed their friendship and I hope to see more of them in the next books.

A Summer of Surprises is a fantastic addition to this series, of standalones, and definitely a must read.


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