Showstopper by Regina Kyle


Release Date: 08.12.2021


I swore I wouldn’t do this again. Mix sports, school, and sex. But right now the only thing standing between me and the NHL is six feet of frenemy packed into a pair of form-fitting jeans that have me thinking all kinds of things I shouldn’t. Mostly how to get him out of them.

I don’t just want Kolby. I need him. Because I’ve got to pass this theater class--yeah, I said theater--if I’m going to keep my spot on the team. When tutoring sessions turn into dates-not-dates over Shipley Cider at Vino and Veritas, I realize it’s going to be harder than I thought to keep my hands on my stick and off of Kolby. Worse, I think I might be falling for him. But I’m not ready for that. I want to keep this thing between us on the down-low for now.

But Kolby hates secrets. Especially his own . . .


Adam is a transferred hockey player at Moo U, Kolby is a theater student at the same college, they attend the same improv class. Though at first glance they seem very different they share a very strong attraction and they both hide their pasts. Will they trust each other or will their failed past relationships sabotage their future together? 

I've enjoyed to follow Adam and Kolby’s journey, it was fun and emotional, you can easily notice how these two guys are a match made in heaven. 
They are still young and their story is not steady, there will be some misunderstandings and grand gestures but they will learn from their mistakes.

If you like Opposites Attract trope Showstopper is the right book for you.


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