Limelight by E. Davies


Release Date: 08.12.2021


Save the bees, ride a rock star.

Formerly famous . . . and planning to keep it that way.

After my band kicked me out, I ran away to Vermont, changed my name, and kept my head down. So far, it’s working and nobody knows who I am. Or who I was. Until I see geeky poet Caleb stumbling through his first open mic night and I can’t help rescuing him. He’s as sweet as the honey my bees make and sexy enough to make me rethink so many things. But I can’t tell him my secret, or I’ll lose the anonymous life I worked so hard to build.

Everyone warns me he’s too good to be true.

I can’t believe a gorgeous, successful winemaker like Tag is into shy, geeky little accountant me. But he helps me blossom and believe in my talent, and works his way into my heart and my bed… not necessarily in that order. I’m falling for a man for the first time, and now I know what the missing number in my equation has always been.

When lies are revealed, though, someone’s going to get stung . . .


Limelight was a sweet, fluffy, quick and easy read.

Caleb is an accountant with the dream of writing poetry. Tag ran away from his old life and started to make mead in Burligton. They meets at the open mic night at Vino and Veritas when Caleb reading his poems catch Tag's attention. They become inseparable from day one, but will Tag secret past ruin their relationship?

I've enjoyed to read Caleb and Tag's journey. I liked how Tag is always there for Caleb, supporting and cheering for him to become more confident and to live his dream as poet. Caleb is such a nice character, he is pure and it's inevitable to love him and to want to protect him.

I couldn't put this book down, E. Davies made a great job delivering a good story that put a smile on my face while reading it and made me fall in love with these characters.


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