Unforgettable by Marley Valentine


Release Date: 08.12.2021


One night with Reeve Hale wasn’t enough. I knew it when I kissed him, I knew it when I slept with him, and I was certain of it when I walked out of his motel room the very next day.

So when the shy, gorgeous man is introduced as our newest employee at Vino and Veritas, I can’t help but conjure up all the ridiculous ways to convince him to repeat that unforgettable night. Like asking him to be my fake boyfriend at my sister’s upcoming wedding.

Only, I didn’t expect him to say yes.

Playing pretend shouldn’t feel this real. Especially when Reeve is planning on leaving Vermont after the summer.

We agreed to one night. We negotiated a fake relationship. But I’m the one who broke our terms. I wasn’t supposed to fall in love and he was never supposed to be so unforgettable.


It was a pleasure to read Unforgettable.
I've enjoyed the fake relationship storyline and the steamy physical attraction.

It starts as a one night stand between Oz and Reeve but they end to work close to each other. They look nothing alike but they share the same uncertainty about the future and the pressure of their parents' expectations.

Oz is the perfect man, he has a big heart and he always put others' happiness before his, I was sad for him because he couldn't see his real worth. Reeve is a nice man who never knew what real love is, I was so happy for him when he finds out how it feels to be part of a real family when he was with Oz's family.
I cheered and supported these characters and I wanted to see them reaching their HEA.

I recommend it for those who like insta-chemistry and insta-feels.


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