Footnote by Alexa Gregory


Release Date: 09.13.2021


A moving second-chance romance where hope can turn history into a footnote.

Sasha Covey needs a rewrite. Or a really big eraser. Her past doesn’t belong in the life she’s trying to rebuild. Her future—and her recovery—depend on a fresh start. Moving to Colebury seems like the perfect test until Penley Brooks waltzes into the Busy Bean. The handsome veterinarian is just as charming as when she fell for him a decade ago. Memories come flooding back, and their connection is as potent as ever.

Trouble is, Sasha has good reason to keep her distance. Her recovery is still new, and the single dad has wounds of his own. After years of being an afterthought, Penley’s goals are finally within reach. As much as she aches to reconnect, Sasha won’t stand in the way of his dreams.

Somehow, that all melts away whenever she’s with Penley. Together, dreaming is a little easier.

But dreams don’t always survive in the real world. Not when the past comes knocking.


Footnote is a love story packed with all the feels that will break your heart and put it back together again.

Sasha and Penley got their second chance at love thanks to a fateful encounter at the Busy Bean.

Penley is Coulbury vet, he is divorced and he has a cute son. Sasha has taken a sabbatical and now she lives with her mother and her new boyfriend in Coulbury to test her resolution to not allow her eating disorder to take control of her mind and body again. They lived together years before when their parents were a couple but a day Penley found that Sasha was gone, so now he is determined to not lose her again.

These two characters burrow their way into my soul, they were so nice, frail and nerd enough to conquer me. I've empathized with them during their hard times, and I've cheered them when they finally find the right balance in their relationship.

I appreciated how the author didn't embellished the heroine's illness, her writing, was at times, brutal and hurtful but relatable conveying the message.

Sometimes Love is not enough, but to be there for your loved ones and support them during their darkest times is the best you can do for the both of you.


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