For The Love of Easton by A.M. Hargrove


Release Date: 04.15.2021


What could be more humiliating than your father telling an almost perfect stranger that you’re single?
I’ll tell you what—proposing MARRIAGE to him!
That’s exactly what my father did.
He basically tried to barter me off like a horse.
Admittedly, said single dude was a veritable smoke show.
Besides being exceptionally panty-melting, he was also a complete jackass.
Until the douche of my baby daddy showed up—and not for a friendly visit—insisting on gaining custody of our daughter.
Said panty-melting jackass rode in on his white stallion, rescuing me from the clutches of the aforementioned douche .
I never imagined Panty-Melter would turn out to be my knight in shining armor.
Maybe Dad’s idea wasn’t so crazy after all.
And this was how I found myself considering that insane proposal.


I was so excited to read this book because it is a kind of follow up, but it could be also read as a standalone, of For The Love Of English, the first book I’ve ever read written by A. M. Hargrove, the story that made me discover her writing and that made me her fan. 

English Bridges is a graphic designer, she works at her father’s studio. She is also a single mother of a cute six years old girl, Easton. Tristian Baines is a photographer who just got the job of his life, he’ll work next to the best natural photographer Beck Bridges. 

When English and Tristian meet for the first time at the studio they instantly take a dislike for one another, thinking the worst of each other, but when the dire circumstamcies require it they are willing to put their animosity aside in order to help each other and to protect the little Easton.

I've enjoyed to follow English and Tristian’s journey, I liked their bantering and their work ethic but I wanted to pull their ears when they awfully depicted each other as a brat and an arse without even knowing each other better. 

At times this story reminded me of Beck and Sharidan’s one but not too much because the villains in English and Tristian’s story are so bad they put the main characters into the most dangerous situations.

I loved to meet again some of the old characters and to know better this grown up version of English.

I highly recommend to get this novel if you like fake relationships trope, a sweet and inquisitive little girl and an hilarious wedding at Las Vegas.


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