Hideaway by Rachel Lacey


Release Date: 04.05.2021


One woman’s hiding place is another woman’s home.

After becoming an inadvertent viral sensation—and losing her job and her girlfriend as a result— Phoebe Shaw retreats to Vermont. Renovating her late grandmother’s cabin into a vacation rental seems like the perfect way to lie low for a while. But the last person she expects to encounter on the property is the woman whose kiss was her teenage sexual awakening . . . and whom she’s never quite forgotten.

Taylor Donovan has been hiking on the trails behind the Shaw family’s cabin her whole life. As children, Taylor and Phoebe were best friends before sharing a secret summer romance when they were sixteen, which left Taylor brokenhearted when Phoebe fled at the end of the summer. Now the property has become Taylor’s home away from home, and she wants nothing more than to convince the Shaws to sell it to her. But Phoebe’s return puts a crimp in those plans--and brings back old feelings she thought she’d overcome.

Of all the things Phoebe regrets, leaving Taylor is at the top of the list, but Taylor is determined to protect her heart. Yet the pull between them is stronger than ever. This time around, will love stay hidden . . . or finally see the light of day?


Poehe Shaw saw her late grandma’s house in Burlington as the best place to hide and reset her life after she went viral on SNS losing her job and her girlfriend. Taylor Donovan didn't expect to see her first love and first heartbreak when she went for her usual trek that day, but here she was Phoebe in the flesh in Vermont. When they recover from the shock to see each other after so many years of silence they start a new friendship, but will they keep their attraction on the low? Or will they risk to lose each other again?

I've really enjoyed to read this story, there are a lot of cute moments and very low drama.

I liked both the heroines, they are smart, nice, beautiful women, you can only grow fond of them and cheer for their happiness.

I understand the reticence of Taylor in giving her relationship with Phoebe another chance, but I also understand why Phoebe ran away in the past leaving Taylor alone because she didn’t know she who she really was at a teen age.

I was involved in their journey and I adored the pace and the words flow, I recommend to read this novel.


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