Gametime by Jami Davenport


Release Date: 04.26.2021


One drunken night and one case of mistaken identity turns a friendship inside out...

You’ve seen the hockey twins around campus--they look identical, but you can tell them apart by their actions. Patrick is the one who’s busy charming women. Paxton is the one in the library.

Until one night when Paxton parties a little harder than usual. Next thing he knows, he’s waking up naked next to Naomi, the girl of his dreams. He bares his heart before an awful realization sets in. He’s not the twin she thought he was...

Naomi is the only child of a hockey legend. Partying hard is the best way she knows how to rebel against her controlling father. After a particularly crazy night, she realizes her big mistake. Her hookup isn’t the guy she’s been crushing on. It’s Paxton, her friend, the guy who gets her, who she can always count on. The guy she’d never want to hurt. And yet, the sex was good. Better than good.

Now she’s wondering if the wrong twin might be the right one after all . . .


Loved it!!

Paxton Graham and his twin brother, Patrick, play hockey at the Moo U. They are good enough to be chosen at the first round of the draft by two excellent NHL teams before they even finish college, but Paxton has to make some changes in his way to play if he wants to go pro at the end of the year.
Naomi Smith is a student at the Moo U and like the 99% of the girls on campus she has a crush on Patrick. She is ecstatic when a night during a party she finally gets to kiss him and later to go home with him, until the next morning she wakes up in the bed next to her friend, Patrick’s identical twin brother, Paxton.

This is the start of a journey of growth, self-discovery and self-confidence for both our main characters.
I really liked Paxton and Naomi, they try to be there for each other even when it hurts and it causes even more confusion.

I can relate to Paxton to some extent, because I’m my sister’s shadow and it’s really difficult to change some dynamics. I was so happy for him when he tried and succeded to see his real potential and worth. I cheered for him to finally find his place in the world and shine.

I hope to see Paxton wearing the Sockeyes jersey in one of Jami Davenport’s upcoming books.

Gametime is a standalone book but I suggest you to also read Patrick’s story in Overtime.


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