Overtime by Kat Mizera


Release Date: 04.26.2021


Hotshot hockey star Patrick Graham has been groomed for the pros since before he could walk. Fast forward to his junior year of college, and he’s having the time of his life. What could be better than pucks, partying, and having his pick of campus women? But if Patrick doesn’t buckle down and get his grades up, he could find himself benched for the championships. Could a beautiful brainiac be the solution to his problems?

Nineteen-year-old Master’s student Ellie McGinn could do so many things with her biology degree, but her mother is pushing her toward a future she doesn't want. Tutoring a hockey hottie seems like the perfect opportunity to start making her own choices and living life on her own terms.

When learning turns to yearning, will they be ready to face the heat and heartache that love can bring?


Loved it!!

Patrick Graham is an amazing hockey player, he has to choose if he wants to go pro at the end of the year, as his father wants, or to stay, finish college and take his business degree. Ellie McGinn at nineteen years old has already spent few years at the college, studying and getting three degrees, but now she wants to live a bit more, to know the world outside her books, making her own choices and maybe some mistakes too, without her mother overbearing presence.
They meet at a party, they feel a weird connection as soon as their eyes meet, but will they have time to start a relationship? Or do they have already too much on their plates they couldn’t afford it?

I liked Patrick and Ellie, their connection and deep chemistry is instantly clear but they are so different and they have so much pressure on them that is really hard to just enjoy themselves.
They are a very sweet couple and I cheered and supported them from beginning to end.
I was so surprised to see a significant shift in Patrick’s behavior, he liked the parties and the girls but fortunately he also understood that is the right moment to change your path when something so much better than that arrives in your life.

Overtime is a standalone book but I suggest you to also get Paxton’s story in Gametime.


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