martedì 9 ottobre 2018

Teased by Fire by Molly O'Hare

Release Date: 10.02.2018


Olive has always been content living an anti-social existence while letting the characters she writes about fulfill her wild side. She’s worked hard to achieve a zero human interaction life. However, that came to an end when out of nowhere her best friend announced she’s moving out, and her brother was moving in. Not only does Olive now have to deal with the guy that has teased her their whole life, but he also came with a cat the size of a human child.

Hank’s had a thing for Olive for as long as he could remember. When he realized she needed a roommate, he jumped at the chance. Why wouldn’t he when annoying Olive had always been his favorite pastime? Then one day when Hank let his curiosity get the better of him, he discovered Olive had a whole other side of her she kept hidden away.

Now, all Hank had to do was convince Olive life was a heck of a lot more fun when you add some fire to it. Honestly, what could possibly go wrong?


Teased By Fire was a nice,funny and sexy read.

Olive,our heroine,works from home,she is an introvert and elusive person who prefers to live in her mind, and what interesting inner monologues she has. Hank,our hero is her opposite,he is a fireman with a lot of friends who loves to go out.They know each other since they were kids and Hank never missed an opportunity to play jokes on her.
Now that they are housemates will they kill each other?Or Olive finally will let their relationship be more than a research?

First time I've read a book written by this author but when I turned the last page of this one I was ready to start the others because I've really enjoyed Molly O'Hare smart and sweet writing.

lunedì 1 ottobre 2018

Hidden Hearts by Lindsay Detwiler

Release Date: 09.29.2018


Sexy entrepreneur Lysander Wyatt has always believed in happily-ever-after thanks to his picture-perfect family. Now orphaned, he’s made a family of his own at his popular beach bar, Midsummer Nights. There’s just one thing missing—the forever kind of love he’s been looking for. 

Reed Wilder, a guarded corporate man from Philadelphia, is looking for himself when he moves to Ocean City, Maryland. However, a rocky childhood makes him afraid of commitment. When he walks into Midsummer Nights and meets the attractive bartender who owns it, he’ll have to decide if love might actually be worth the risk. Will Lysander and Reed get on the same page about commitment, or will they continue hiding the true desires and fears of their hearts? 


I really liked this novella.Unfortunately I've finished it in a few hours,I was so curious to know better some of the characters from the previous books in the series.

After I've read the other stories I didn't expect for Lysander and Reed to have a back story like this.They couldn't be more different,exuberant and vivacious the first and strict and buttoned the latter,it was a pleasure to find out if they could merge their lives and becoming something more than an acquaintance.

Lindsay Detwiler doesn't need strong words to convey a meaningful message,her tactful writing style is perfect to start reading man/man romances and to understand some of the LGBTQ struggles.


If he says what I think he’s going to say, the line that has crawled out of so many of my dates’ mouths over the years, I’m going to vomit. Or hurl this drink at him. Maybe even both. Because God knows, I can’t survive another Joe or Sven or Oliver situation. I’m through. I’m done. Goodbye.

Somehow I manage to maintain a friendly smile as Tony continues babbling on animatedly across the table from me. We’re at the Marooned Pirate, my favorite bar—other than mine, of course—where we’ve chatted about everything from Tony’s job as a pizza delivery guy to his great-aunt’s struggles with foot fungus. I’ve managed to keep it together by wildly tossing back at least three margaritas and by internally taking notes on every single odd statement from this man, knowing Jodie will get a real kick out of the conversation.

“But anyway, like I was saying, after the whole relationship with Brad, I just realized that…”

Here it comes. The line I’ve heard too many times to count. At this point, I can see it coming from a mile away.

“I’m really not looking for anything serious, you know? Just some fun, some good sex, and all that. I mean, what are the twenties and thirties for, anyway?”

I take another swig of my fourth margarita, deciding vomiting or tossing my drink at him would be both childish and a waste of my pride.

In truth, it’s not like Tony’s my type anyway. It’s not like I got that pang in my chest telling me that this very tanned, very talkative man is the one I’m looking for. There haven’t been any sappy montages playing in my head of white-picket fences, golden retrievers, and two children running in the front yard, all to sappy music.

Then again, after all these years of dating only to have about a dozen disastrous relationships under my belt, I’m pretty sure the pang in my chest is no longer functioning. Every bone in my body has just about given up, and the only montage in my head looks sort of like a lonely horror film. I feel a bit like that scorned woman in Great Expectations, sadly watching a clock in a dusty old room.

Ocean City, Maryland, isn’t the easiest place to live if you’re looking for love. Correction. Ocean City, Maryland, isn’t the easiest place to live if you’re looking for the kind of love that’s not the one-night-stand or “just wild fun” variety.

The tourists are here simply looking for some one-night-stand fun. The rest of the regulars are either workaholics—and, arguably, I could probably fit into that category—or the ones who have sworn off serious relationships. After all, with all these new possibilities floating in every summer, who wants to settle down? Isn’t monogamy overrated?

Maybe they’re right. Maybe it’s me who has the problem. Or maybe I should blame my parents for setting the bar so high and for showing me that marriage is a beautiful idea, that settling down with one person can be fulfilling.

Or maybe it’s just all the margaritas are making it hard to think.

“Oh, hey, that’s my coworker over there. Do you mind if I go talk for a minute?” Tony asks, and I practically leap with joy. I’ve been trying to come up with an escape plan now for about a half hour.

“Not at all,” I reply, flashing him a grin to reassure him.

As soon as he’s across the room and a safe distance away, distracted, I’m out of my seat and crossing the dance floor of the Marooned Pirate, beelining for the exit as I pluck my cell phone from my pocket.

I dial her number.

“Lysander, don’t tell me you’ve quit the date already,” Jodie whines as she answers the phone.

“Hello to you, too,” I reply. “And yeah, I’m starting to worry that maybe we’re not actually as good friends as I thought. I mean, really? Tony?”

“He’s cute, right?”

“He’s cute. But the overly tanned jock type isn’t exactly my type.”

“Yeah, but your type is either boring or assholish. I thought maybe you needed to mix it up.”

“Well, we just spent a half hour talking about pizza toppings and toe fungus, in that order. 

Oh, and about how he’s not looking for anything serious.”

martedì 25 settembre 2018

How to Choose a Guy in 10 Days by Lila Monroe

Release Date: 09.24.2018


The only thing more hilarious than the movies is… real life?! Fall in love with the hot new romantic comedy series from USA Today bestselling author, Lila Monroe! 

Stylist Gemma Jones is competing for a once-in-a-lifetime promotion. All she has to do is take some fashion-backward guy from geek to GQ-worthy. The only problem? The man in question is her hairy manwhore of a next-door neighbor. AKA Bigfoot.

Zach Morrison has zero interest in being Gemma’s makeover mannequin. Sure, it’s fun getting his smart-mouthed neighbor all riled up, but after cashing out of his tech start-up and going through an ugly break-up, he’s taking a permanent vacation. If he wants to wear sweatpants and sleep on a mattress in the corner of an empty apartment—

OK. Maybe he needs a little push in the right direction. But as Gemma races the clock to win her bet, she finds that Bigfoot’s been hiding a few things under his baggy flannel shirts. Like abs of steel, and a surprisingly big...

Heart. He has a big heart.

Soon, sparks are flying between this unlikely couple, but can Zach embrace a fresh start - however manscaped it might be? And will Gemma beat out her Instabitch rival for the top spot - and keep the truth about their bet from Zach? 


Oh Oh Oh the first book in the Chick Flick Club series is here...I was so excited to read it.
How To Choose A Guy In 10 Days confirms once again how much I like Lila Monroe's writing,her words are so easy to follow that I can perfectly see every scene,every character and every dialogue as in a movie. 

Gemma and Zach live in the same condo,they are neighbours but they aren't friendly because they couldn't be more different.Their banters at the beginning are really funny but what really conquered me were the heart to heart conversations where they finally understand each other and their behaviours.
Their journey from enemies to friends is interesting and engaging, we meet some other characters we can't wait to see again in the next books.

I've really enjoyed this story and throughly recommend it to all the readers that want to spend a couple of hours with a smile on their face.

giovedì 20 settembre 2018

Rumors, Episode 6 by Rachael Brownell

Release Date: 09.20.2018


“Like wildfire, rumors are easy to spread… and hard to extinguish.” 

I’m a horrible person.

Who goes to a wedding with one date and leaves with another?

Me, that’s who. Hence why I’m a horrible person.
I wasn’t the only one leaving my date behind that night, though.

Maybe that’s why I’m attracted to Zane. He’s irritating to the point I want to strangle him. He refuses to apologize for being himself. He’s rude and brash and so damn sexy.

The moment I saw him I knew he was trouble. When he laid the challenge on the table, I should have run.

In a way I did. I ran straight into his arms and latched on to his lips. 

It was a moment of weakness. Of lust. Of pure passion.

A moment I’m sure the rumor mill will have a field day with. The problem is, no one’s saying anything.


This is the last book in this series and I'm sad to say goodbye to these characters I've loved.
Rachael Brownell let us go with a last blast that intrigued me and kept my attention from cover to cover.

Ally is a friend and collegue of the Dixon's family and girlfriends but she always seems out of that circle at the same time.She was the bad vicious girl in the previous books but the author successfully redeemed her character.
Ally and Zane journey is filled with obstacles and setbacks that will make them stronger and even more confident in their relationship.

I recommend you this series,I hope you give a chance on these characters I'm sure you won't regret it.

martedì 18 settembre 2018

The Vow by Natalie Wrye

Release Date: 09.10.2018


Seven years ago, I gave my vow to a man.

Except it wasn't a wedding...

Because Brett Jackson was the epitome of anti-marriage--a dirty-talking tattoo artist with a penchant for booze, bimbos and blue-eyed women.

I was none of those.

Guess that's why he walks into my new apartment with my not-so-nice roommate on his her new boyfriend.

But this is not seven years ago. I'm over him; I really am.
So why does it bother me so much when he catches me naked in my new place?

Why does his searing stare at my body stay with me?

Why am I wishing for a repeat and wanting to break the most important vow I've ever made?

A vow that will break both me and Brett...and turn the Manhattan life I've built for myself upside down.


It was a pleasure to read The Vow.
There isn't so much thrill and suspense but I liked the story nonetheless because the writing,the plot and the characters are engaging and interesting.

Elsie is Brett's little sister's best friend,the two of them had a secret relationship in high school until Brett flew their city without any explanation.When they meet in New York after seven years they are attracted from each other like it wasn't passed a day but their brains for different reasons keep telling them to not surrender to their instincts.
Could they overcome their problems,be honest with each other and finally be happy?

I really liked the supporting characters and I'm looking for their books.