giovedì 30 giugno 2016

The Bunk Up by D.H. Sidebottom & Andie M. Long

Release Date: 06.30.2016


Daisy Harlow discovers her long-term boyfriend isn’t contemplating a proposal but rather how to get his mistress out of the house before she gets home. As if things can’t get any worse, broken-hearted Daisy gets fired from her job at the Post Office.

Stuck living with her best friend and tormented by three children under the age of five, Daisy needs a fresh start and she needs it fast.

Enter her least favourite customer Mrs Haversham. Daisy finds herself offered a few weeks away in Mrs H’s country cottage in Norfolk. Time to recharge her batteries and think of her future.

Thank goodness Mrs H’s son is married though, she can do without her matchmaking efforts. So who’s the dark haired hottie currently occupying a bedroom of the cottage? He says he’s Mrs H’s other son. One who Daisy knows nothing about. Frazer reckons he’s an actor, in Heydon to land a part in a new film.

One thing she is clear about. He’s refusing to budge and as she has nowhere else to go, he’s going to have to get used to a housemate. As the boiler breaks, temperatures get cooler but tempers get hotter. Each one wants the other one out of the house.

But did Mrs H know what she was doing all along?


The Bunk Up is a quick,easy,funny and also slightly touching story.

The plot isn't surprising but I really enjoyed it thanks to the authors' flowing writing,steamy sex, great humour and a bunch of entertaining characters.

I loved how Daisy,our heroine,even after she received some bitter lemons from life took the chance to start anew and be happy...maybe for the first time not setting down for anything other than the best for herself.

martedì 28 giugno 2016

Just Keep Sweet by Melissa Brown

Release Date: 06.21.2016


So many obstacles. Nothing but obstacles.

Months ago, I agreed to help Aspen Black take down the Prophet of the FLDS—to prevent her daughter from being married at an early age, and to save innocent lives from systemic abuse on the compound.

The obstacles in this case are mounting, as are my feelings for Aspen. The tension between us is palpable and I know there’s more to our connection than the increasingly difficult case at hand. But, she’s not only married to the Prophet’s brother, she’s equally devoted to her faith. Two obstacles that just may be insurmountable.

But, no matter what happens, I will close this case. 
Even if it kills me.



This story ruined's so consuming,intense and intriguing I couldn't stop reading even when I felt my heart breaking.
Melissa Brown made me a fan for life.She made me overlook my prejudices towards these types of communities so far from my belief and my knowledge.

I love the characters something fierce and I really hope there will be a happy ending for them all...minus the crazy,controlling, and evil ones.


After receiving a text the following morning from Aspen, I hauled myself to the station at the ass crack of dawn, the adrenaline of anticipation overpowering the pull of grogginess and the desire to stay in bed a couple more hours.

"Seriously?" asked Megan, the receptionist, looking at me over her reading glasses. She let out a yawn behind her hand as she waited for my response.

I froze. "What?"

"You've never been here this early ... like ever." She laughed, holding up the hot pink clock from behind her desk.

"And how would you know that?" I flirted, waving the clock away until she placed it back behind her desk. "You've only worked here for five minutes."

Megan had moved to Arizona a month before and was still adjusting to the area. She was originally from Chicago and had a serious accent—like those guys in the "Da Bears" skit on SNL.
God, I'm old.

"Big case?"

"You know it." I winked, and she blushed. She'd had a crush on me since the first day we met when I winked at her casually and her cheeks turned a deep red. Since then I was guilty of manipulating that crush for my own gain.

I'm an asshole sometimes.

Leaning in, I lowered my voice and pretended to look down her shirt for a brief second. Her cheeks grew darker. "Listen, um ..." I looked around the office. "The case I'm working on is highly sensitive and the girl coming in is from the local FLDS compound—"

Her mouth dropped open. "Oh my God, seriously? I haven't seen one yet."

I cringed at her phrasing, which was new for me. Just months ago, I wouldn't have flinched—hell, I said things like it—referring to the members of the FLDS as if they were animals at the zoo, a spectacle to be observed. Aspen changed all that. They were people. People who needed my help.

"Yeah, well, don't stare, okay? Just direct her to my office as quickly as you can. The sergeant isn't exactly a fan, if you know what I mean."

"Got it." She nodded, aiming to please me.

"Thanks." I offered one more empty wink and strolled to my office, leaving the door open in anticipation of Aspen's arrival. Before I had the chance to log my password into my laptop, I heard the alluring tone of her voice.


Within seconds, I'd hopped to my feet and crossed the room, wrapping my arms around her and pulling her tight. She tensed at my touch which, although it hurt my ego slightly, reminded me that our relationship was supposed to be a professional one. I released her from my grasp, stepping back and holding my hands in the air.

"Sorry, I just—it's just so good to see you."

The corners of her lips turned up, and her normally pale cheeks turned a deep shade of pink. "No, no, it's all right. It's wonderful to see you, too, you have no idea ... I'm just ... Well, I've never been one for hugs. My mother used to tease me about it all the time."

"So in other words, it's not me, it's you?" I asked with a nervous laugh.

"Something like that." She smiled, showing her teeth. Something she didn't do often. They were bright white and straight, especially for someone who couldn't possibly have had races growing up.

Am I really falling over myself because of an impressive set of teeth? What the hell is wrong with you, Cooke? Get your shit together.

For the briefest of moments, I studied her ... this young woman standing in my office, trying to figure out what it was that made me feel this way in her presence. I certainly didn't the first time we met. I couldn't quite put my finger on when she started to creep into my subconscious. Her hair was a generic shade of brown, pulled back into a long braid that hung to her waist. She was wearing the traditional FLDS thick cotton dress that covered every inch of her body. And her feet were covered with worn sneakers. From a distance, there was nothing remarkable about Aspen at all, really.

But there was more to her, and I knew it. Her eyes were a deep aquamarine, so brilliant in color that I would have thought they were colored contacts if I didn't know better. Her strong eyebrows only served to pronounce those eyes further. Her skin was clear and pale, like that of a porcelain doll and her lips were, despite never being covered with makeup, a dusty shade of pink. They were full and plump, waiting to be kissed. More than her beautiful face was everything that made her Aspen. Aspen was stubborn, clever, and determined ... everything Elizabeth called me on a daily basis. Cut from the same cloth. Perhaps that, ultimately, was the reason I was so drawn to her. Or maybe I simply wanted to protect her.

Nope, couldn't be it. I protected women every day on the job; it was more than that. It had to be. It was her.

Shaking off my mounting attraction, I got down to business. I wasn't doing either of us any favors by acting like a stupid-ass teenager in her presence.

"Did you bring the note? Is there anything we can use?"

Aspen reached into her bag, nodding. "Yes, but I'm not sure. I'll leave that to the expert."
I studied the note, rage building in my gut with each sentence. So much condescension and entitlement in one little piece of paper. When I reached the part about myself, I could feel my neck grow hot. There was no way he could know of my attachment to Aspen, but I felt as if he could read my mind. It creeped the shit out of me.

Aspen could read my face. "There's nothing, is there?"

I shook my head, feeling defeated despite the anger flaring in my gut. "I've spent some time on our database, and it looks as though a few of the prophet's customers in the ledger have quite the record."

"Record?" she asked, following me to my desk. I pulled a chair around for her and gestured for her to take a seat as I finished logging into my laptop.

"Criminal record ... some were busted for drugs, one was arrested for indecent exposure."
Aspen knitted her brow. "What is that?"

"It's when you show your naked body to someone unsolicited and in public."

Aspen recoiled as if she'd tasted a sour lemon. "Who would do that?"

"Who would pay to spend time in the prophet's room of horrors? We're dealing with some fucked-up characters, Aspen."

"Good point."

"Sorry about the language."

She shook her head and grinned. "I don't even notice it anymore."

I gritted my teeth. "That might not be such a good thing, Little House."

"Hm." She bit her bottom lip and looked down at the floor.


"When you first called me that, I despised you for it. You were making fun of me and I knew it. It was infuriating. But now ..."

I swallowed hard, looking into her eyes, overwhelmed by their subtle intensity. "Yeah?"

"You have no idea how nice it was to hear it again, to be here with you. I feel safe again, even though I know I'm not." She shook her head. "Not in the slightest."

"You will be," I said with determination. "I'll make sure of it."

Aspen tilted her head to the side, studying my eyes as she narrowed her own. "I believe you."
A knock at the door startled us both. Aspen jumped in her seat, and I clutched the arm of my chair as I looked up, hoping I wouldn't see Sergeant Ross beneath the doorframe. Instead, I saw another member of the FLDS, a woman I'd never seen before.

"Holly?" Aspen said, confusion in her voice.

The young woman, not much older than Aspen, had deep blond hair and dark eyes. Her presence was meek, unassuming, like most of the women I'd encountered from the compound. Her mouth was dropped open as she stared at us.

"Aspen?" she asked, looking as confused as Aspen sounded. "What are you doing here?"

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Without You by Lindsay Detwiler

Release Date: 12.01.2015


On the surface, Jenna Landsen has it all… 

She’s smart, beautiful, confident, and married to Camden Landsen, who happens to be drop dead sexy and just as successful. But after five long years, all the success in the world hasn’t brought the romantic spark back into her marriage. Jenna fears it never will. 

When life gives you lemons, open a bakery and name it Vi’s… 

Violet Streiff made the exact mistake her mother warned against—she fell in love with Liam Coffman, a charming finance major. When he left her heartbroken to further his career, Violet drowned her sorrows by opening a bakery, and now relies on Bob, her eighteen-pound cat, for warmth at night instead of a sexy man. 

To find love, sometimes you first have to discover yourself… 

When Jenna’s job offers an extended trip to New York, she packs her bags and takes a two-month vacation from life. The chance of her marriage surviving looks grim, until the surprise of a lifetime throws a wrench in her plans to stay in the Big Apple for good. 

You can bend the rules—but sooner or later they’ll break… 

When Violet meets a gloomy but totally drool-worthy guy named Camden in her shop, she’s sure her luck has changed. There’s no denying the chemistry, but he’s married, and that’s a major problem. Violet isn’t a homewrecker. Still, staying away from Camden proves nearly impossible. That is, until his wife comes home. 

Two women. 
Two men. 
Double the chance to find love in the most 
unexpected places—or double the chance for disaster.


Wow this was a really good read.

The writing was excellent,I felt fully invested in the story.

The characters are not always likeable,they like real persons have doubts and act stupidly sometimes but fortunately they understand their mistakes and they choose to fight for their happiness before it is too late.

sabato 18 giugno 2016

All That Glisters by C.J. Fallowfield

Release Date: 05.30.2016


Hunter Donovan. He was everything I openly loathed, but everything I secretly desired.

Cocky, arrogant, and crude. When Hunter wanted something, he pursued, relentlessly, until he got it. And right now, I was his prey. The trouble was, I didn’t want to be added to his endless list of conquests.

Gorgeous, masculine, with a body made for sin. The most perfect specimen of male I’d ever set eyes on, and he knew it. The trouble was, I saw the pain he was trying to hide, and I wanted to heal him.

He wanted my body, but I wanted his heart.

Coco Barella. She was everything I openly desired, but everything I’d convinced myself I didn’t need.

Beautiful, sexy, and sassy, all of the qualities that I wanted in my bed.

Compassionate, loving, and perfect, all of the qualities that I didn’t need in my life.

I needed to pull her to me, but at the same time I wanted to push her away.

When the sexual magnetism between two people is so hot, it can scorch everything around it to ash, who will emerge from the flames victorious?


This is such a sexy,hot,funny,enjoyable and well written novel I was glued to the story since the beginning.

Coco and Hunter don't have had one of the best first encounter but when she realizes that under all that  chauvinistic behaviour and crass words there still is a heart capable to love she starts to fight for their happily ever after.

I loved the main characters and their friends that make this book really entertaining and unforgettable

giovedì 16 giugno 2016

Adjournment by Emersyn Vallis

Release Date: 06.30.2014


When I chose to leave home I knew what I was giving up. I knew I was walking away from life as I knew it and the plans that we had made. 
We…us…him and I… 
It’s funny to think of him in a different light…or life. 
That’s what it feels like, a lifetime ago. 
But I’m a different person now. I have rules and goals. And if it wasn’t for my parents' vow renewal I would have successfully evaded him for the rest of my life. This is not by choice, I can tell you that. 
I just need to focus and remember the key to this weekend is avoidance…and alcohol. But if anyone can pull that off it’s me, Sidney Chandler, queen of avoiding anything that will make me feel. 
It’s just one weekend, right? 
One very long weekend with my family…friends…my sisters and me…together, and our nemeses, the McAllister triplets. 
What could possibly go wrong? 
They say you never forget your first love, now just imagine how hard it is to forget your only. 
This is going to suck.


I liked this book fortunately I've already the second in the series on my reader because I can't wait to know more about Sidney 's story.

Emersyn Vallis' writing,the intriguing plot and the engaging characters piqued my curiousity from the start.

There are  numerous characters in this story and each one of them is so well depicted it seems you've known them all your life. My favorite is our heroine Sidney that made me smile a lot throughout the book.

martedì 14 giugno 2016

Bittersweet by Sarina Bowen

Release Date: 06.14.2016


If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the orchard.

The last person Griffin Shipley expects to find stuck in a ditch on his Vermont country road is his ex-hookup. Five years ago they’d shared a couple of steamy nights together. But that was a lifetime ago. 

At twenty-seven, Griff is now the accidental patriarch of his family farm. Even his enormous shoulders feel the strain of supporting his mother, three siblings and a dotty grandfather. He doesn’t have time for the sorority girl who’s shown up expecting to buy his harvest at half price.

Vermont was never in Audrey Kidder’s travel plans. Neither was Griff Shipley. But she needs a second chance with the restaurant conglomerate employing her. Okay—a fifth chance. And no self-righteous lumbersexual farmer will stand in her way.

They’re adversaries. They want entirely different things from life. Too bad their sexual chemistry is as hot as Audrey’s top secret enchilada sauce, and then some.


This was such a sweet and enjoyable story.
I was totally engaged in it even if at times there were too many details of the farmers lives,but that shows that the author knows what she is writing.

I liked all the characters of this story and can't wait to read more about them in the next books of the series.

At the beginning I was a little angry at our Hero pretentious and judging behaviour but fortunately our grumpy farmer,Griffin, changes his mind knowing our heroine better with the help of his family and his hired hands.
I liked Audrey right away,she puts a smile on my face every other page and at the tough times I envy her strength and her obstinacy to reach her goal and see her dreams come true.

At the end Griffin and Audrey relationship made me feel warm inside...and that's why I read Romance.

mercoledì 8 giugno 2016

Alone With You by Michele Callahan

Release Date: 02.25.2016


Claire Miller fell in love with Jake in the third grade. Life was on the fast track to perfect when he finally moved her out of his ‘friend zone’ their senior year. One hot night of reckless passion changed things between them forever. Jake rocked her world, but Claire had plans for her life. Knowing she could never be what he needed, she let him go and has missed him every day since. That was seven years ago. Plenty of time for Jake to fall in love with someone new, get married, and move on. 

Jake Walker knew the first time he saw Claire, when he was nine years old, that he wanted to marry her. At seventeen, he let her go. But seven years later, the sight of her hit him like a punch to the gut. She was more beautiful than ever, and every cell in his body demanded that she was ‘The One’. But can he convince Claire?


I can't get enough of Michele Callahan stories.
This series is getting better book  after book.I can't wait to read the third one already.

Jake,our Hero,is the baby of the family.He suffered the most loosing his mother after he took care of her during her last awful days.He adores his house and his horses and he'd love to have a stay at home wife who raises his children but unfortunately he's always been in love with the girl who left him to follow her dreams.
Fate helps them to meet again but maybe that's not enough if they are not prone to change their minds in order to reach their happily ever after. 

Alone With You is a friends to lovers and a second chance at love story (my favorite Romance sub-genres) I really hope you enjoy it as much as I had.

martedì 7 giugno 2016

Balls Fore! by Andie M. Long

Release Date: 06.07.2016


Single mum Beth Woods is finally feeling settled. Her small business, making children’s chocolate bars is growing quickly, rather like Trey, her three year old son. What she doesn’t need right now is another man in her life.

But fate will always smack a girl upside the head and Trey’s father, Golf Instructor, Leo Coleman returns to upset her carefully ordered life. While she struggles with his reappearance, the Turner family decide to help. While Tim and Tyler Turner are sent to have lessons in golf, best friend Camille and her mum Dora will make sure Beth gets lessons in love.


I'm really sad because this is the last book in this series D:
I can't believe it...Andie M. Long made me an addicted I need more Balls...

This story is slightly different from the others in the series,there are funny moments but here you can feel a stronger plot that makes this novella even more enjoyable.

I've loved these characters since the beginning but the hot Daddy stole my heart in the end.


I make my excuses to the guy I’ve been talking to and restlessly shake his hand. My mind has already left him and my body wants to follow. Then I make my way towards Dora. She invited me here. Was she aware of this? Was this some kind of fucked-up set-up? On my way over, I accidentally crash into a chair, knocking it over. I apologise to the family seated there. As I continue on my way, Dora’s daughter, the owner of the play centre, eyes me warily. Well, she certainly knows. She stalks towards me, intercepts me.

‘You need to be gentle with Beth. She’s not had it easy.’

I snigger. Is she for real? My laugh isn’t quiet, so her parents turn around. They turn back to each other. I observe their mouths moving. Words. Wondering what’s happening.
I undo the first button on my shirt, feeling like I’m being strangled. Perhaps I need air? ‘I find out I have a son. I’ve missed out on three years of his life and you say she’s not had it easy.’

‘She had her reasons. Just give her time to explain. That’s all I’m asking.’

‘Well, thanks for your concern for your lying, dishonest friend. I’m seeing her later. We’ll discover what those reasons were. If I don’t like what I hear, I’ll be using my solicitor.’

Dora comes and stands alongside her daughter. She places an arm on her daughter’s shoulder. ‘What’s going on, Cam? Who needs a solicitor?’

‘Mum. It’s complicated. Leo is Trey’s father.’

‘Yeah, I worked that one out when I saw Beth go whiter than my legs are in December.’
She crosses her arms and fixes me with a stare. ‘Beth’s like a niece to me. She’s raised your son magnificently. Now yes, she’s not told you about your son for whatever reason, but it must be a good one because she’s an amazing woman. I hear you threaten her with a solicitor again and I’ll swing one of your own golf clubs at your kneecaps. Do you understand me?’

I step back in shock. The lovely woman who got me to come here has been replaced by a Rottweiler. I swear there’s foam in her mouth.

venerdì 3 giugno 2016

Keep Me by Faith Andrews

Release Date: 01.25.2014


Sexy, tatted up, underwear model Marcus Grayson is every girl’s dream—or more likely worst nightmare. He’s a player, a self-proclaimed bachelor for life, and he’s got no problem living up to his man-whore status. But when his older sister’s friend comes back from the past, he may just have the chance to turn some of his adolescent fantasies into reality. 

Tessa Bradley is a self-sufficient, take-no-bull, single mother—well, now she is. Finally rid of her abusive, alcoholic ex, she’s making a new life for herself and catching up with old friends; the ones she was forced to break ties with because of her controlling husband. When she runs into Marcus, her friend Riley’s once-adorable turned smoking-hot little brother, she has no idea how he’s about to rock her world.


I liked this story so much.

The main characters are really likeable and our Hero,Marcus, is also really lickable xD

This is not the usual friends to lover story and neither it is a second chance at love but in a weird and nice way it is both of them and I've really enjoyed it.