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Pieces Of Heaven by Natasha Madison

Release Date: 01.30.2017


I didn’t want this life.

But sometimes you’re forced to make the best of the crappy hand you’ve been dealt. I wanted to teach my daughter that. No matter what happens you face your problems head-on.

Never cower. Never give up.

Then someone took her and I had to put my faith in a system that had failed me, and my hope in a man I didn’t know.

Serve. Honor. Protect, are the only things I’ve ever cared about until her case was dropped on my desk. As we searched for her missing daughter, the last woman I thought I’d fall in love with became my reason for living.

Then the world came crashing down around us.

One secret would change everything, but I had one more hand to be dealt. And if I played my cards right, maybe, just maybe we’d get our piece of heaven.


I was so curious to read Pieces Of Heaven and to find out Mick's story and I wasn't disappointed.
This was an emotional ride and I was so caught up with the story I've finished it in one sitting.

Mick is a great Hero you cannot not to fall for and to hope he finds some true love and happiness in his messy life.

I really hope to read more about these characters maybe in another book of the Heaven & Hell series.

Don't miss this beautifully written story!I suggest you to start to read this series from the first book because these two books are heavily interwined.


Chapter Eleven


The bells over the door ring every single time someone walks in. I’ve been on edge ever since I got in this morning. Lucky for me it’s been non-stop people coming in, so my mind hasn’t been able to wander to Lori.

Now that it has been quiet and I’m filling the salt and pepper shakers, my mind wanders. It wanders to my baby girl, who is somewhere out there begging to come home. The sound of her voice plays in my head on repeat. My hands start to shake, so I close my eyes and sit down on a chair before my knees buckle.

I blink away the tears threatening to fall over, my heart starting to beat so fast I hear the echoes in my ears. A plate of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and gravy is shoved in front of me. Phyllis’s eyes greet me when I look up.

“Eat that and then go home. You are done for the day. You’ve been here for fourteen hours.”
I look over at the clock hanging behind the counter that reads 8 p.m., realizing she’s right.

“I’m just going to finish filling the shakers then I’ll take off.” I know she’s about to argue with me when the bell over the door rings again, making us both look up.

His eyes find me right away. My heart that was starting to calm down is now speeding up. I focus on my meal, cutting a piece of meatloaf and dipping it in the gravy before popping it into my mouth. I try to ignore the heat of his stare, try to think of anything but him and that naked woman from last night. His girlfriend. I was so stupid to think that he would actually want me. I’m a used up stripper whose daughter ran away from home. I’m the opposite of what he wants or needs.

The chair in front of me is filled with his big frame. The scent of his aftershave, of cologne lingers around us. Musky, rich, and woodsy. It’s the smell that has seeped its way into my memory along with the way his lips felt on mine. The way that I just fit, like I was made for him. I blink away the memory, looking up at him.

“All the seats in this place are open and you sit in front of me?” I ask him before scooping up more food. I didn’t notice how hungry I was till I started eating.

“You didn’t text me back.” His voice is hard, his muscles tight, his jaw ticking.

I take out my phone. “Oh, I put the do not disturb on under your name. Maybe that’s why.”

My phone is snapped out of my hand in a blink of an eye. “What the fuck?” I see him touching the screen angrily and turning it off.

“You know you’re doing that for nothing since I can turn it on again?” I finish off my whole plate, making my stomach hurt since it’s the first thing I’ve eaten since last night.

“What if I had information on Lori?” Bulls-eye, hit straight through my heart. He must see the color drain from my face as I realize that I fucked up. I’m not going to admit it to him, though.

“I don’t have Jackson’s number blocked, and he would have called me.” I shrug my shoulders, picking up my plate to bring it to the gray bussing bin.

Walking over, I wipe down the table right when Phyllis comes out from the kitchen.
“There you are! I have your order ready. It’s being boxed up. Did you want dessert with that?”

His eyes never leave mine. “No, that’s okay. Thanks, Phyllis.”

I grab my phone from him, putting it in the front pocket of my waitress pouch. “I’m taking off. My feet are killing me. See you tomorrow, Phyllis.”

I don’t wait for her to say anything to me before I walk out the door to my car. Turning it on, I drive home, determined not to give Mick another minute of my thoughts. Just one problem with that plan, though. No one mentioned to my head that I wasn’t thinking about him because his eyes flash in my mind, the hard lines around them. The sorrow that is buried there, the sadness that he thinks no one sees but is there, if you look long enough.

I make my way into my apartment, taking my shoes off my throbbing feet at the door.

Walking into the kitchen, I take out the tips from my pocket and count them out. Three hundred and seventeen dollars. Two hundred of that is going to that damn debt that I’m still paying off. I can’t fucking wait till it’s over. I walk over to Lori’s room like I do every single night, turning on the light to see if maybe something has been misplaced or moved.

I’ve put scotch tape on the drawers to alert me if they’ve been opened, but it’s still intact. I’ve labeled her clothes hanging in the closet by number, and I count them, seeing that none have been taken either.

The bed is exactly how she left it. I crawl into her bed and grab her pillow, breathing in her scent. Tears run down my face, seeping into the pillow. This has become my nightly routine. I sleep here so I’m closer to her. I lie in this bed, talking to her. Telling her about my day, praying that she calls me again. I tell her stories about when she was small, about the day they placed her in my arms. The tears never stop. It’s like an endless river.

The soft knock at the door has me raising my head. Walking slowly to the door, I look through the peephole and see that Mick is in the hallway. His hands are braced against the doorframe, his head hanging down.

I place my forehead on the door, take a deep breath in, and open the door. His eyes land right on mine. The tears continue to roll down my cheeks, right off my chin on their way to the floor. He brings his thumb up to my chin, catching them.
“Marissa,” he whispers, and it’s all I can do before I collapse into his arms, sobbing. Begging. Pleading with him to bring her back to me.

He picks me up and carries me inside. Sitting on the couch with me curled into a ball in his lap, my tears soak his shirt. I’m so exhausted from the fear, stress, and worry. I’m just too tired to move.

“I’m a good mom,” I whisper to him. “I was tough on her only because I wanted better for her. Wanted her out of this life. Wanted her to be something.” My hand lies on his chest, the beat of his heart pounding against my palm.

“I know, baby, I know.”
I don’t say anything more. I just continue to soak up the feeling of his heart beating as it calms me. My eyes droop, and the exhaustion drags me under.

I don’t move from this position all night. I wake the next morning with the same heart beating against my hand.

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The Boss by J.L. Perry

Release Date: 01.29.2017


Hanna Scott … she’s been my obsession since I was seventeen.
She’s the object of every dirty thought I’ve ever had.
I’m consumed.
I lust over her … albeit from afar.
She has no idea how I feel.
And my secret can never come out,
because there’s one major hurdle standing in our way …
she’s my best friend’s little sister.
When she offers to stand in as my temporary secretary, I’m torn.
Will I be able to risk the temptation?
Or will I succumb and lose everything that I hold dear?


This was an easy,quick read with some serious hot scenes and sad past memories that will make you love these characters from beginning to end.

I've really enjoyed this story and even if it isn't long as much as J.L Perry's previous works it is still interesting,compelling and it will make you share some tears but in the end it will leave you with a smile on your face.

I highly recommend it if you like office romance novels and best friend's little sister romantic interest.


“Good morning, Mr Williams.”
Mr Williams? She’s never called me that before. It’s always been Harry or Giant. That’s her comeback for me calling her Shrimp. She’s four-foot-seven, so my six-foot-three frame, towers over hers.
Spinning around, I almost swallow my tongue when I find her standing in the doorway to my office. She’s wearing a high-waisted tight fitting skirt that stops just above her knees. It hugs her body perfectly. I can see a hint of white lace protruding from underneath her white silk blouse. She looks like an angel. A sinfully, hot as hell angel. The thin red belt around her tiny waist matches her sexy red heels. She’s sex on legs, a walking fucking wet dream.
I swear I’m holding my breath as my eyes drink her in. Her long blonde hair is pulled into a bun at the nape of her neck, and the red rimmed glasses she’s wearing not only frame her beautiful blue eyes perfectly, they turn me the hell on. She has this naughty librarian thing going on and it instantly has my mind going into overdrive. I picture her releasing her long blonde locks from where they’re being held captive, and imagine her shaking her head from side to side as her hair comes loose and cascades down her lean back. I shake my head and suppress a growl as I try to bring my mind out of the gutter and back into reality. What in the hell is wrong with me? Like always, she’s playing the starring role in one of my many fantasies. This shit has to stop.
When my eyes finally meet hers, I find her smiling. Did she just witness me checking her out? Thank fuck she can’t read minds. I’d be in deep shit if she could. Having her here is going to be harder than I thought.
Clearing my throat, I tug at the tie around my neck as I take a step closer. I’m suddenly feeling claustrophobic. “You don’t need to call me, Mr Williams, Han.”
“What did your other Secretaries call you?”
“Mr Williams,” I chuckle.
She looks up at me from beneath her glasses and I’m pretty sure my heart just skipped a beat. I could drown in those damn eyes of hers. “Well, Mr Williams it is then.”
“I’d feel stupid hearing you call me that.”
“Only in the office,” she replies with a smile. “Outside of here, you’ll still be Giant, my brother’s pesky friend, or just plain old Harry.”
“Your brother’s pesky friend, hey?” I say, pulling her into a headlock.
“Yes,” she laughs.
“Take that back, Shrimp.”
“Okay. Only mildly pesky … and only on occasions.”
We’re both laughing when I release her. She’s like no other woman I know. Things are so easy around her, just like breathing.
“So now we’ve got that established, where do you want me to start?” I smile when she eagerly rubs her hands together. I like her enthusiasm.
“Come, your desk is out here.” The thought of moving her desk into my office, flashes through my mind. That would be asking for trouble; trouble I don’t need.
Placing my hand on the small of her back, I lead her out to reception. Once she’s seated, I get her to log onto the computer. “I have a conference this afternoon, I’m going to need you to make sure all the files are in order. I’ll also need you to print out copies of my presentation, for them to follow.”
"That sounds like something I could do.”
“Click on the Jensen merger file,” I say, leaning forward and pointing to it on the screen. I inhale a large breath when her fruity, yet flowery, smell invades my senses.
“Did you just sniff me?”
“What? No.” Standing to full height, I clear my throat. “Why would I sniff you?” I deadpan. Jesus. I’m starting to look like some kind of sniffing freak. In my defence, she shouldn’t smell so good. I need to get my shit together if I’m going to come out the other end of this unscathed.
“Okay. No need to get so defensive. I thought I heard you sniff.”
“Nope. No sniffing. I definitely didn’t sniff you.” I’m such a damn liar. I so sniffed her.
“Okay. You didn’t sniff me,” she says, shrugging her shoulders. “Relax. Geez. It’s no big deal.”
“I’ll email you a list of jobs that need doing this morning. After lunch, you’ll need to set up the boardroom for my presentation.”
With that, I turn and head back into my office. I need distance.
It’s safer.

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Bet Me by Lila Monroe

Release Date: 01.27.2017


What happens when your sex strike goes viral -- and suddenly every man in town has their eye on your prize? 

All I wanted was little old-fashioned romance. After a parade of Tinder disasters who think chivalry is giving me a pearl necklace on the first date, I made a pledge: until guys step up their game, this girl is off the market.

But one bottle of chardonnay later, and my drunken rant has gone viral. I’m the most famous person NOT having sex since the Jonas Brothers put on their purity rings. A men’s magazine has even put a bounty on my (ahem) maidenhead: fifty Gs to whoever makes me break the drought. 

Be careful what you wish for...

Now my office looks like an explosion in a Hallmark factory, I’ve got guys lining up to sweep me off my feet - and the one man I want is most definitely off-limits. Jake Weston is a player through and through. He’s also the only one who sees through the mayhem to the real me, but how can I trust he’s not just out to claim the glory? 
And how will I make it through the strike without scratching the itch - especially when that itch looks so damn good out of his suit? 


This was an easy,enjoyable,sexy read.

The blurb made me so curious to read Bet Me and Lizzie's journey didn't let me down.It had me laughing from the beginning to the end.

Lizzie hasn't had the best record with her romatic dates.She is so dejected,she has almost lost every hope into the opposite sex,she thinks of swearing off all the rude men on the planet but the fate has other plans for her.

This was the first time I've read this author and I've really liked this story and I'll read more of Lila Monroe's books in the future.

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Fall Back Skyward by Autumn Grey

Release Date: 05.07.2016


Eleven years ago, I saved her. I loved her. But they took me away from her and locked me up. For two years, all I could think about was her. She consumed me. Took up every room in my head and gave me something to focus on, knowing I would see her soon. 

Nine years ago, I watched her as she walked down the aisle and into the arms of a man who wasn't me. My brother. I left my home and never looked back. 

Now, I'm staring at seven letters, each envelope stamped with one word in bold, red ink: URGENT. 

I have no choice but to go back home. Seeing her will be the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. But in order to reconcile with my past, I have to face my present. Even if the thought of seeing her, knowing that she is out of my reach, kills me. 

I have no idea what awaits me, but I can only hope that the demons of my past will finally be buried and put to rest. 

**Due to possible triggering descriptions of self-harm, and some sexual situations this book is not recommended for anyone under the age of 17 years old**


Fall Back Skyward was A M A Z I N G!!!

Cole and Nor journey will break your heart and then it will break it some more but it will put back together in the end.
I have cried so much reading this story full of beautiful souls that give up so much in order to protect their loved ones.

I'm really ashamed I didn't have read this sooner but Autumn Grey with her wonderful and soulful writing won me over and now I can't wait to read more of her works.

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A Perfect Plan by Alyssa Drake

Release Date: 05.20.2016


Samantha Hastings lived a quiet, peaceful life on her family’s country estate. With no man to order her around and no stifling society rules to follow, she considered herself blessed. However, when her brother’s ship sinks during a short trip to France, Samantha receives a request from her sister-in-law to return to town and manage the late Earl’s finances. Suddenly thrust into society, Samantha faces an unfamiliar world and a pair of very familiar green eyes.

Lord Benjamin Westwood never intended on following through with his rash promise to his best friend. Now, with Edward’s death, Benjamin becomes the unwilling guardian to Edward’s bratty little sister, who has grown up considerably since the last time they met. His intention to marry her off to the first available suitor is thwarted when he finds himself falling for Samantha’s unique demeanor. He lights upon the perfect plan; a marriage of convenience, giving him the opportunity to romance Samantha without distraction.

However, when they discover Edward’s disappearance was due to foul play, Benjamin’s perfect plan begins to quickly unravel. Now, Samantha is in more danger than either of them realized and Benjamin is running out of time.


It was a long time I didn't pick an historical romance and A Perfect Plan was great to break the ice and reminding me why I used to love this genre so much.

I instantly liked the characters,even the supporting ones are necessary to the development of the story.
You cannot not to love Samantha,she is not a common heiress,she is witty,smart and a little wild.She will cause some funny troubles for her charming guardian.

This was a good debut novel,the writing is really good and the plot is engaging.

I plan to continue to read this series to discover the truth and solve the puzzle.
I hope Alyssa Drake will release the next book soon.

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Worth the Wait by Claudia Connor

Release Date: 01.10.2017


The first in a spin off series of the New York Times Bestselling McKinney Brothers, WORTH THE WAIT takes readers on a journey through young love into adulthood in a heartwrenching, second chance love story.

Nick Walker thought nothing could destroy what he had with Mia. He certainly never thought he would be the one to destroy it.

Now ten years later, Mia James is in Special Agent Nick Walker’s path once again and this time he’s determined to shed the weight of regret and finally claim the future that was always meant to be theirs.

It won’t be easy. Mia’s heart was shattered by Nick and now, just when she’d pieced it back together, it’s been broken again, bringing their past to the surface, including her own secret about that day everything went wrong.

***Every title by Claudia Connor is a Contemporary Romance and a full stand alone novel. No cheating, no love triangle, no cliff hanger.


Worth the Wait was an emotional read,I absolutely adored it.

Nick and Mia's love was immense,it was love at first sight,they were each other rock until their regrets were too much to share and they drifted away. But life gave them a second chance and their journey will keep you glued to your book hoping they will finally have their well deserved happily ever after.

"Be happy," she whispered against his ear. "It's time." 

This book is heavily interwined with the second in the McKinney's Brothers series.I was so glad to learn more about Hannah's past and to see more of her and Stephen.

I love Claudia Connor writing and I can't wait to read more of her works.


~twenty-four years ago

Nick pressed two fingers into the sleep deprived headache pounding in his temple and tried to concentrate on professor Jenkins’s explanation of ideal gas law. He circled a line of notes, ignored the knock on the auditorium door until he heard the familiar cry. Hannah, who he’d left in the university daycare two hours ago.

The high pitched wail wasn’t his two year old sister’s hurt cry. It was her scared cry with a touch of pissed off. In the six months since their parents’ death, he’d learned to tell the difference. He’d learned a lot of things. Like if he didn’t take her to the bathroom, she’d likely wait too long and have an accident. Like green beans made her throw up, but she’d eat them if he told her to. And she would never, ever go to sleep without Mr. Bunny.

He was up, out of his seat, and halfway down the auditorium stairs before his professor laid his pen down.

Nick’s eyes narrowed on the young blonde in an oversized sweatshirt with silk greek letters sewn on the front. She held a sobbing Hannah dressed in the sunny yellow sundress he’d picked out that morning. She hadn’t been crying when he left her. Now her eyes were red and snot mixed with tears dripped into her mouth. Hannah lunged for him. His arms engulfed her small body and his heart squeezed like it always did when she held onto him.

“I stay you,” Hannah said. Each word tumbled out of her with a jerk of her tiny shoulders.

“What happened to her?”

“Nothing happened to her. She hasn’t stopped screaming for the past hour and she bit three people. We can’t keep her like that.”

Several responses came to mind.

She’s just a baby. 

She missed her nap.

And the loudest of all, it was my fault for leaving her.

Hannah raised her head to look at him, giant tears hanging from golden lashes. “I bite.”

“Well. At least she’s honest.” Professor Jenkins turned his questioning eyes to Nick. “She yours?”

He hesitated, but only a second. “My sister. But yes, she’s mine.” And at that moment she became even more his, which seemed to be the case every day. Every day, a little more his.

Out Of Play by Joy Norstrom

Release Date: 10.14.2016


Gillian Campbell is out of patience.

Her husband is choosing his hobby over her. And the hobby in question? Live Action Role-Play, or ‘larp’. Larp involves dressing up as a character (be it medieval knight, banshee or centaur) and participating in imaginary battles for entire weekends.

Gillian is not impressed. She seeks professional advice and is surprised when her therapist encourages her to try larp. “Who knows? It may make you smile. It may make you laugh. It may even improve your sex life. How terrible could it be?”

The advice seems super sketch to Gillian, but she decides to don a costume and give it a go. If larp doesn’t work a marital miracle, Gillian will be able to walk away knowing she tried absolutely everything before giving up.

Will going on her own role-play adventure heal Gillian’s marriage, or will the game shed light on everything that is wrong?


Loved this story so so much.

I was sold after I've read the blurb but this book surprised me for its depth.

Ralph and Gillian are not the first couple to have some communication troubles after many years of marriage but Gill way to try to understand her husband's hobby is extreme and really funny.
I've found the main characters very relatable,I was so caught up in the story that I've felt their every single emotion.

"Life could not be the same.But it wouldn't just pass by anymore either.I knew that now.I could choose a new direction and transform.I wouldn't be sitting on the sidelines.I'd grab life and shake,until whatever goodness it had in store for me poured out." 

The writing is flowing and it doesn't feel like a debut novel at all...I can tell Joy Norstrom has found a new fan.


If I was truly serious about following through on my therapist’s plan, I might as well start putting the idea into action. I went downstairs to the kitchen, making a detour to our home office for our laptop, and brewed myself some strong coffee.

It wasn’t hard to find the live-action club Ralph belonged to. Although the business card in our laundry room was no longer around, there were other ways. Neither of us kept passwords on our home email accounts so it was easy to peruse his account for the latest larp update, then search for the club name on the Internet. And, bam! There it was. I sipped my coffee and did what any curious person would do first.

I watched their YouTube video. It depicted a battle, and it was as I expected: boffer weapons, costumes, and the great outdoors. What I hadn’t expected: people chanting stuff like normal blow four, normal blow four and killing blow one, killing blow two, killing blow three as they enacted a mock fight. Hmmm. No one was laughing. No one was even grinning. I wondered how they could stay so serious.

Somewhat relieved not to have seen my husband in the video, I closed the YouTube window and went back to the club website. A list of upcoming gaming dates and links to costume suppliers – is this where Ralph had planned to advertise his boffer-business scheme? I meant to read up about the club, but the site contained several photos of people posing in costumes and I was easily distracted. I zoomed in on one.

Why was that man holding his hands six inches above someone else’s head? Was it some type of pretend curse? I gritted my teeth. This was…perhaps not going to work. No matter what Dr. Torres thought – my God, was that cleavage for real? – larp was not golf.

Okay, I’d tried. Against both my and Jas’s better judgement, I’d at least been open to the idea. I could tell Torres I had gone as far as checking out the larp website and watching some battle videos, but experiencing all this in person? No. I couldn’t wrap my head around it. Torres was welcome to check it out herself if she thought it was no big deal. I laughed, visualising my very proper therapist in armour, hollering kill blow one, kill blow two!

My mind made up, I was about to click the mouse on the red X in the top righthand corner of the screen, forever shutting down this idiotic idea, when my hand stilled. I spotted an announcement that had previously escaped my attention:

Don’t have a costume but enjoy cosplay?
Come out to camp as a NPC!
Join our monster camp and bring a new villain to life every day.
Use of our costumes and makeup included.
This is your chance to experience live-action excitement at an affordable price!

If that had been it, there was no doubt I’d have turned the website off instantly. But below was another announcement:

Enjoy a live-action weekend for free.
The comfort of heated bunks, flush toilets, and hot meals included.
What we need from you:
Assistance preparing meals with our friendly community of kitchen wenches.
Discounts available for those needing to rent costumes.

My hand froze over the mouse as a plan began to percolate.