The Best Medicine by Charlotte Fallowfield

Release Date: 02.28.2018


Despite being a successful author of risqué romance novels, Charlie Faulkner had yet to star in her own love story. Drowning her sorrows in takeaway pizza, and at risk of getting wedged in her favourite writing chair, she despaired of ever finding the kind of all-consuming love that she wrote about in her books.

When she did venture out of her writing cave, chaos and disaster followed, with many a trip to the emergency room of the local hospital. It was there she fell head over heels for the handsome doctor who often treated her, Guy Fitton. The trouble was that with her medical track record, she wasn’t sure if he’d see her as a sexy, desirable temptress or just a crazy, accident-prone woman, with a medical file so heavy it needed its own trolley.

Would Charlie get her “happy ever after” with Dr. Fitton or end up with the other significant male in her life, the pizza delivery guy?


This author easily became one of my favorite for the rom-com genre and I eagerly await every book of this series.

Charlie,our heroine, is an erotica author new to the Dilbury village. She is a workhaolic, accident prone and a love beyond measure for pizza.
I liked how the girls we met in the previous books accepted Charlie as one of them instantly,their dynamics made me smile more than once.

I recommend to go in this blindly to savour this story to the fullest.


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