The Vow We Made by Loriana Cappello

Release Date: 08.14.2019


A Story of friendship, family, and above all else, love.

Victoria West was Vivacious, determined and thought her happily ever after was all mapped out. When tragedy strikes, claiming the life of her new husband, she receives information that shatters her world. 
Three years later, Victoria finds herself beginning to trust another man for the first time, but is she prepared to expose her darkest fears and share the biggest secret of her life with him?

Doctor Aiden James is dedicated to his profession and has little time for relationships, but there’s something about Victoria’s vulnerability and beauty that makes him want a different future. One where she becomes his. 
An unfortunate twist of fate leads to Aiden making a discovery about his own past. Consumed with guilt, will he choose his professional oath or damn the consequences for Victoria?

Two people destined to be together but both are keeping secrets that could destroy their chance at forever.


I've truly enjoyed this sweet story full of emotions.

Victoria,a make up artist and Aiden,an A&E doctor,met by chance outside a London cafe.They like each other instantly,their attraction is obvious right away and their relationship seems blessed by fate but even their journey has some hurdles along the way.
Are they strong enough to overcome the obstacles in order to be happy or will their fears be stronger making them move away from each other?

Loriana Cappello has nicely told not only Victoria and Aiden's story but she has also written a little bit of their friends' lives.
I really hope this is only the first book of a new series because I'm so curious to read more of this group.


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