Love & Hockey by Monty Jay

Release Date: 07.23.2020


NHL’s golden boy, Bishop Maverick, knows all too well how a haunting past can taint your future. It seems his entire life all people have done is leave. So what does a man do when he has so little? He pours everything into the only thing that he has left. Hockey. This sport has brought him a family, hope, something to work for, but what was the one thing he never expected for it to bring him? A green-eyed, wild child with a soul that brings him back home.

Valor Sullivan was raised on the ice by a single father who inspired her love for hockey. With a mouth that would make a sailor blush, and fiery red hair she is a force to be reckoned with on and off the ice. There doesn’t seem to be anything hard work won’t get her. Well, everything but him. Bishop is her Endgame. The only problem? He’s eight years older and one of her father's closest friends.

Fate blurs the lines of past and present to pull these two together. The only question is...

Were they always meant to be? Or damned from the start?

*Love & Hockey is a standalone, age-gap romance. It deals with sensitive material that may be triggering to some.*


Love & Hockey is Monty Jay debut novel and she definitely started with a BANG!!

Bishop is a rookie for the Chicago Fury hockey team when he meets Vallie for the first time. She is his team mate's little girl. Vallie is a feisty 10 year old who dreams to become a legend in the Women Hockey league. They meet on an ice ring and even if they are at different stage of their lives they become fast friends and they seem to immediately understand each other.
If you believe in fate this story will bring you on a great journey, and if you don't, I'm sure you'll reconsider it when you turn the last page.

“What they do not tell you as a child is dreams become messy. They get hazy, bumps get in the way, curves take you in different directions. Life happens. Then when you finally accomplish your dream, you realize just how much more work you have to put in to make that dream enjoyable.”

This story was an emotional rollercoaster that kept me gripped from beginning to end. Chapter after chapter we can see our main characters growing and getting attached to each other more and more.
I loved to read about Vallie and Bishop lives, to see how their 8 years age gap is not something to frown upon because their relationship is based on a deep friendship and affection and their feelings are never out of place.
I recommend to read this book to everyone but if you have some triggers be careful.


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