Firefly by Krystyna Allyn


Release Date: 08.02.2021


It’s my last night in New York. And the woman of my dreams is three feet away, expertly twirling a bottle of vodka behind the bar and making the perfect pour. I’ve never seen anyone as beautiful as Melody, with her enigmatic eyes and a gorgeous smile. All I have to do is introduce myself. And then...

I choke. And my chance for something--anything--with her is gone.

Months later, I think I’m dreaming when I see her doing bartender tricks here in Vermont. Now all I can think about is having those long, beautiful, fingers performing their magic on my body.

But I’m pretty sure she’s hiding something. It’s painfully obvious she’s keeping me at arm’s length just when I need to hold her close. She brings out my protective instincts, but I’ve got problems of my own. If I’m not careful, I’ll destroy everything I’m trying to build.

Losing her again might break me this time, because now I can’t imagine life without the light of my Firefly.


Trevor sees Melody in the New York bar where she wroks as a bartender but he gets the nerve to speak to her his last day in the city, so he goes back to Vermont without even knowing the real name of the woman with the Firefly tattoo. He is surprised to see her again working in a Vermont bar but this time he won't waste this second chance the fate gave him. Melody has to run away from the big apple and she ended up in Vermont where she finds a job as bartender at the Speakeasy. She doesn't want to make friends but it is impossible to ward off the handsome guy who wants to break the walls she raised to keep her heart safe at all costs. Will she trust him? Will she stay long enough to build a relationship?

Trevor is my favourite character, I liked the perseverance he showed in order to win Melody over, but at times I wanted to throttle him when he kept his family issues to himself. Melody is a tough woman who learnt early in her life she couldn't trust anyone, I can understand her and most of the time I wanted to hug her. Mel and Trev are more alike than they think and I've appreciated how they get closer chapter after chapter.

Krystyna Allyn wrote a good story but the very slow burn and the lack of communication between the characters was a little frustrating.

Grab this book and get swallowed up in it.


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