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The Light of Day by Kristen Kehoe

Release Date: 10.07.2014


Every action has its own consequence… 

Cora Whitley has learned the hard way that there are some choices you can’t escape, you merely survive. And she is, surviving that is. She’s living, breathing, eating, sleeping, working, all of the things you do when all you’re trying to do is get from one day to the next without truly remembering who you were. 

Jake Ferrari recognizes Cora the minute he sees her. Maybe it’s because somehow he knows she’s as broken as he is, or maybe it’s because when he looks at her he sees that the life he thought was over when his elbow blew out and his pitching career came to a halt can now be something different. Something better with her. 

But nothing comes for free, not even love. Follow Cora and Jake as they piece together their lives and deal with the consequences of falling in love with the one person they know they can’t have.

**Includes mature content.**


I liked this book a lot even if it broke my heart seeing Jake and Cora,the main characters,drowning under the pressure of their sorrows.Fortunately during their journey they learn to live in the present without fearing the tomorrow.
Kristen Kehoe is a new to me author and I'm glad I found her because her writing style is really good and their characters feel so real you become involved in their lives as they are your friends.

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