Man Cuffed by Sarina Bowen & Tanya Eby

Release Date: 11.19.2019


A good cop can always spot trouble. That’s why my senses started pinging the moment I met the hottie next door. The neighborhood may never be the same. First she confuses me for a male stripper and tries to remove my uniform. (The guys on the force will never let me live that down.) And then there’s the breaking and entering.
I don’t know what to do with her. My libido has a few ideas of its own, though. Bad, bad ideas.

Hey, it’s not my fault that Hot Cop’s nightstick gets excited every time we see each other. And I can’t help that someone broke into his apartment.
Fine—that last thing was totally my fault. And I intend to make amends. So when he needs a date for his sister’s wedding, I’m there. This is right up my alley. I’m an actor. By the time it’s over, his entire family will believe we’re a couple.
Even him.


Man Cuffed was a great read.
I think this is Sarina Bowen and Tanya Eby best collaboration,their words were funny,witty and lovely and refreshing.

Meg and Mac have opposite personalities, feisty and exuberant the first, stoic and a stand-up guy the latter. She is a waitress who dreams to be finally noticed as an actress and he is a cop. Meg hopes to find her soulmate while Mac loves his one night stands partners.Even if they seem to come from different worlds I can assure you their chemistry is off the charts and their banters will put a smile on your face throughout the entire book.
I've enjoyed Meg character so much,she is hilarious and you'll find out how much trouble she is from their first encounter.

I throughly recommend to pick this book and have such a good time with these fun characters.


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