Home Alone on Hope Island by Portia MacIntosh

Release Date: 11.10.2019


Lexi Newman is coming home for Christmas… she should have called first

The silver lining, when Lexi is dumped by her long-term boyfriend, is that she’s finally going to get to enjoy a family Christmas after years of doing whatever her ex wanted to them to do. The only problem is that Lexi hasn’t called ahead to let her parents know she’s coming…

Lexi arrives at her Hope Island childhood home only to realise that her parents have decided to go on holiday for the festive season this year. With nowhere else to go, and no one else to stay with, Lexi is going to have to spend Christmas home alone in her parents’ big house, but the bigger the house, the emptier it seems.

With her nosy neighbours suspicious and her childhood friends asking her all about her life, Lexi lies that she’s here to use her parents’ house for a big Christmas party while they are away, but as more and more people find out about the party, it’s going to take a lot more than some loud music and some flashing lights to convince everyone that she isn’t alone.

With just 12 days to go, will Lexi find someone to spend the holidays with, or will she be home alone for Christmas?


Home Alone on Hope Island was a lovely and delightful read.
I didn't have read any of Portia MacIntosh books in a while and after I've devoured this novella in one sitting I'm beating myself up for not getting the previous stories set in Marram Bay sooner.

Lexi studied at law school but then decided to help his boyfriend career becoming his Personal Assistant at an important law firm in London. When he leaves her for a younger girl and dismisses her as his PA she decids to go back to Hope Island to spend a cozy Christmas at home with her parents but her plan doesn't work exactly as she wants.

I loved Lexi's journey and I hope she will get also a full novel to know more about her life because throughout these few pages I grew very fond of this character.

I recommend to read this story if you need to get into the festive mood.


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