The Romance Plan by Lila Monroe


Release Date: 08.17.2020


I need a happily-ever-after -- and fast. I finally landed my dream job as a book editor when our new boss announces that the company is about to go bust.
Our only hope? Getting a famously eccentric romance author to deliver her new novel.. eight years overdue. Oh, and that infuriating, arrogant new CEO? Turns out he's the mysterious guy who made out with me in the street last night, leaving my head spinning, and my other parts...

Well, let's just say, I won't be needing my e-reader for inspiration alone in bed tonight.

I can't figure out if I want to slap his infuriatingly handsome face -- or kiss it senseless, but either way, we're stuck working together to magic a bestseller out of thin air. And maybe it's the late nights, or the steamy material, but Liam isn't the snooty jerk I thought.

Soon, our chemistry is sizzling out of control. But can we find our happily-ever-after, or will we burn out before the final chapter?


Eliza, is a junior editor and a lover of Romance, who’s risking to lose her job at the Sterling Press after the sudden death of her employer that left the company with a lot of debts.
Liam, is an analytical man who has just accepted to take a look at his late father’s company accounts, trying to save the profitable stuff and cut off everything else.
Liam is Eliza’s new boss, they are opposites but this doesn’t stop the strong attraction they feel for each other.
A relationship between them is not acceptable nor possible, is it? You can find the answer reading this nice rom-com.

I’ve read this book too quickly. It was the last in the series and now I can’t wait to know what Lila Monroe has in store for us next.
I have once again enjoyed her writing, her low drama plot, her funny characters and the right amount of sexyness.


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