Playmaker by Sierra Hill


Release Date: 06.07.2021


There’s no faking it in love or hockey...

Transferring to a new school under false pretenses is harder than I expected, especially when my cocky new housemate, Callan Thomas, annoys me at every pass. He’s treated like a god and revered by everyone on campus. Too bad he made me feel like a rejected fool the first night we met.

But that doesn’t stop me from accepting his offer to become his fake girlfriend, because he has skills that I need. Only Callan can help me improve my game and make the USA women’s hockey team.

I try to keep despising him, but he keeps proving my first impression was wrong. And the more time I spend with him, the more complex my feelings become. I need to tell him the truth about who I really am before anyone finds out and things go too far.

Problem is, I think they already have...


When Aria Olsson's family was hit by a sports scandal she decided to leave Minnesota, her friends and her team behind to enroll at the Moo U changing her surname in order to achieve her dream to play with the Olympic Women Hockey team. Callan Thomas is a senior hockey player at the Moo U who during his last year of college wants to study, to play and to decide what he wants to do in the future. They meet at a party at the hockey house, they don't start on the right foot but as time passes a pleasant and lively conversation sparks something between them. Will they have time for a relationship? Or will the sport they love consume all their time?

I loved Aria and Callan journey, they understand each other really well, their love for hockey is only the starting point for their relationship because they have a deep connection and a very good physical chemistry. I can understand Aria's trusting problems but when you fell in love you have to share everything with the other because there isn't love without trust.

Playmaker was intriguing and a good page turner, but I would have liked a little more of drama, I felt like the main characters crisis was solved too easily.


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